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Corporate Social Responsibility


Community Engagement

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The company's investment philosophy is "no matter where you invest, you must contribute to the local economy and society". The growth and expansion of the company are closely linked with the strong support and understanding of the local community, therefore, enterprises should also be grateful and return to the local community, perform public welfare undertakings in its power for local community, and let the community grow with the enterprise.


Participating in Accurate Poverty Alleviation and Accomplishing Counterpart Support
In 2018, Huayou Cobalt undertook two precise poverty alleviation projects in Heishui County, Sichuan Province.
Heishui County is a glorious revolutionary history of the region, but it is also a national poverty-stricken county due to geographical reasons. In the activity "ten thousand enterprises help ten thousand villages and striving for a well-off life hand in hand", Huayou Cobalt, as the only private enterprise in Tongxiang City, independently supports Luoerba Village in Zhawo Township, which is the poorest in the locality, and contributes 100,000 yuan to Luoerba Village Ecological Fruit and Vegetable Professional Cooperative, which is specially used for the project of poverty alleviation workshop.
Another activity of the company is to set up a company in Heishui to carry out project investment, in order to achieve the industrial assistance of Heishui. Company's subsidiary Huayou Recycling makes investment to Heishui, and sets Heishui Huayou Recycling Technology Co., Ltd., laying solid foundation for the follow-up development of recycling industry in Sichuan. Only 11 days are used from the establishment of the company to the delivery of RMB 70 million registered capital, making local aid cadres praised.
2018 was a year of historic significance for Huayou Cobalt to achieve a "great-leap-forward RMB 10 billion" and the company smoothly joint the Top 500 Private Enterprise Manufacturing Industries. While the enterprise grows stronger and bigger, the company concerns the society and the embodiment of social responsibility. In 2018, the headquarters of the company launched a series of charity activities, which greatly enhanced the influence of the enterprise and the cohesion of the workforce.
The main activities are as follows:
Good neighborly and friendly relations of village communities
On February 6, 2018, on the eve of the Spring Festival, under the leadership of trade union chairman Zhang Jianhong, the trade union visited and condoled with more than 10 healers of the Municipal Dermatology Hospital and 46 elderly people of the Longxiang Street Nursing Home, delivering New Year presents, wishing them a happy New Year and life. On the same day, the condolence group went to Anle Village to condolence the poor family of Zhang Jinfu in the village, and sent the New Year's consolation money and necessities of life such as rice and oil.
(Photo: Zhang Jianhong, chairman of the trade union at the group headquarters, sends condolences and money to the municipal leprosy hospital and the Longxiang nursing home for the elderly)
Heart to heart with special needy families, providing necessary assistance
Two family members of Dong Xinfeng in Xiang Hou Village of Wuzhen suffer serious illness, and write to the company leaders for medical expenses funding. The company leaders attach great importance to this, instruct trade unions and special personnel to seriously verify, and carry out rescue if necessary. After checking, RMB50,000 directional donation was provided by the company to help the family pass through the crisis.
(Photo: Chen Xiaoming, head of the administrative department of the group headquarters, delivering RMB 50,000 Yuan to Dong Xinfeng)
Participation in the “Six Campaigns”
From March to October, in order to welcome the arrival of the work of building an advanced clean city, the company responded positively to the calling of party committees and government at higher levels on the "six campaigns". Under the unified and coordinated deployment of the co-built areas, the Party organization of the company organizes Party members and employees to carry out continuous patrol inspection and maintenance in the responsible area of the company's long-road section, and organizes voluntary garbage clean activities for 3 times. They performed nearly 100 times of road patrols, involving more than 200 people; and also carried out four civilized persuasions, involving 12 people. They also participated in the centralized road improvement in the jointly constructed community for two times from May to June.
(Photo: Party members of the Headquarters continue to carry out the rectification and maintenance activities of building an advanced clean city in the responsible sections of roads and co-built communities)
Good neighborly and friendly relations, poverty alleviation and relief
On February 10, 2018, on the eve of the Spring Festival, Quzhou Huayou Company launched a two-day visit and consolation work around the city. Lu Ximing, Assistant General Manager of the company, visited eight surrounding village committees on behalf of Quzhou Industrial Base and sent festive greetings, condole 16 families in rural areas and delivered Spring Festival greetings.
(Photo: Lu Ximing, Assistant General Manager of Huayou Quzhou Company, delivering condolences and money to poor households.)
Donations for KASAPA community
CDM donated school supplies to the nearby LA PERENITE Comprehensive School and supplied living materials to the nearby poor residents of KASAPA community. On March 6, 2018, Chinese employees of CDM General Management Department donated 1,000 notebooks, 1,000 pens and 5 soccer balls to LA PERENITE Comprehensive School; On March 26, 2018, CDM donated corn flour, which is the staple food of the local population, and cooking oil to residents of the KASAPA community.
Maintenance road,bring benefits to villagers
There is an old saying in China, "If you want to be rich, you must first build roads." Owing to economic underdevelopment condition, most roads in Congo Kinshasa are unsurfaced roads, except for the main roads. During the rainy season, the roads into the CDM and within the community are muddy and difficult to cross. To this end, the CDM repairs the JOLI SITE road and the road extending to the MOïSE market. This move was appreciated and praised by the Minister of Ministry of infrastructure, who encouraged CDM to continue its efforts to benefit the community villagers.
Dissemination of agricultural knowledge
Congo Gold is a large and rare country. Due to the scarcity of water resources, it is difficult to grow vegetables, and most crops are imported except cassava and maize, making life extremely difficult for the local population. The SHAD Farm organized training for university students on rice planting in the countryside, taught students on how to grow vegetables and rice in the current season, bringing hope to the Congolese people thirst for knowledge and food. In 2018, the head of Huayou Cobalt Agricultural Project Subsidiary Company, as the sole enterprise representative, introduced the project cooperation mode of the combination of industry, university and research institute as well as the demonstration effect of the park at the High-level Forum on South-South Cooperation in Global Agriculture, which was recognized by FAO, the Ministry of Agriculture of the DRC and other parties.
Drill the manual well, place the solar well
There are only a few wells in the local community, which are inadequate for nearby residents, and because of the long way to fetch water and the difficult living conditions of the residents, CDM drilled a manual well in the village of KAWAMA and placed a solar well in the village of KAMATETE to provide daily water for the villagers. During the acceptance of the KAMATETE well, a large number of residents gathered with water tanks, and their joy was overwhelming. In an interview with the media, the district governor and the villagers' representatives expressed their gratitude one after another.
In 2018, in order to let the leaders and all employees of the company understand and support the public welfare construction of the company, the company invited teachers from external professional institutions to conduct a series of public welfare classes at the company's headquarters. In 2018, a total of three courses were conducted, namely, Corporate Public Welfare Communication, Corporate Participation in Precision Poverty Alleviation and Operation of Corporate Public Welfare Foundation.
Mr. Zhang Jinhu, Deputy Secretary-General of Hongyi Poverty Alleviation Foundation, said: "Contact with Huayou gives me the opportunity to observe closely how a multinationally listed private enterprise practices and explores the path of social responsibility. Building responsibility competitiveness and encouraging second-time entrepreneurship have become the new goals and directions of Huayou. In the field of social responsibility, Huayou attaches great importance to the protection of employees' occupational safety risks, actively conducts research on the sustainable development of Congolese gold and cobalt mining communities, and carries out community infrastructure construction. Huayou are moving forward step by step on corporate public welfare, covering activities like subsidizing impoverished college students, performing community volunteer service of respecting the elderly, making enterprise public welfare staff propaganda, and implementing poverty alleviation in poverty-stricken areas. In the constant exploration, employees in Huayou participate in the public welfare awareness actively, and the planning and execution of enterprise public welfare projects are gradually move from fragmentation, randomization to systematization and maturity.”