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Marketing Center, Non-ferrous B. U.

Domestic Battery Material Industry

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Sales Department No. 1
Marketing Center, New Energy B. U.

Domestic Market

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Overseas Market

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Marketing Center, Non-ferrous B. U.

Domestic Non-battery Industry

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Marketing Center, Non-ferrous B. U.

Asian-Pacific Market

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Operation Department, Regeneration B. U.

Domestic Waste Power Battery and Material Recycling Industry

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Corporate Social Responsibility


Labor Practices and Human Rights

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With the continuous deepening of the "Two New Areas & and Three Trends" strategy of Huayou Cobalt, the internationalization degree of the company is constantly improving, and the team is becoming more and more diversified. The company insists on the principle of "equality, fairness and impartiality" and provides equal employment opportunities for people of different nationalities, races, genders, ages and educational backgrounds.
The company respects and upholds international human rights law, strictly abides by national and local laws and regulations, establishes a standardized employment system, which strictly prohibits child labor, the use of debt (including debt slaves), slavery, prison or bound labor, and resolutely combats human trafficking Continuously improve, optimize the human resources management system, protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees, protect the health and safety of employees, against forced labor, and against occupational discrimination. There was no corporate discrimination case in the company since the establishment of the company.
The company is committed to providing an equal, fair, diversified working environment, everyone is treated fairly at work, regardless of race, age, sex, religion, beliefs and other factors, and fair opportunities for employment will be given based on the ability of employees.
The company insists on people-oriented, pays attention to personnel's ability promotion and the career development, provides the vocational training and the development channel for the staff, to realize common growth and development of both the company and staff's.
Compensation and benefits is a very important factor to attract and retain talents, and also an important guarantee to improve the lives of employees. Huayou Cobalt insists that the salary level is competitive in the same industry and the region, allowing employees to work decently and live in dignity. According to the requirements of laws and regulations, the company implements the comprehensive working hour calculation system for grass-roots employees, the standard working hour system for management and technical personnel, and strictly controls the overtime hours to protect the rest rights and interests of employees; If employees work overtime on weekdays and holidays, we will give overtime pay according to law and take time off for work overtime on Sunday. The company provides employees with "social security packages and housing provident fund" social welfare guarantee, and sets up reasonable salary structure, including post salary, performance encourages employees to continuously improve their professional ability, reflects the culsalary, skill allowance, management allowance, overtime pay, post allowance, night shift allowance, monthly performance bonus, annual performance salary and other subsidies. It not only embodies the reasonable return to employees' labor, but also tural concept of "high performance, high income; enterprise efficiency, income increase", and guides employees to strive for common development and growth with the enterprise. In addition to the benefits provided by statute, the company offers a variety of special benefits, such as: providing employees with event condolences, talent apartment, rental subsidy, talent allowance, commercial medical insurance and other welfare systems.
Occupational health and safety management:
Over the years, the company has persisted in earnestly implementing and implementing the national occupational health and safety production guidelines, policies and the spirit of documents, actively learning advanced occupational health and safety management models at home and abroad, combining with its own reality, comprehensively constructing occupational health and safety management system, production safety standardization system, and constantly improving occupational health and safety management level.