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Sales Department No. 1
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Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Since its establishment in 2002, the company has adhered to the development philosophy of "innovation, coordination, openness, green, and sharing", attached great importance to corporate internal social responsibility governance and sustainable development, and is a leader in the construction of social responsibility in the industry. Huayou has been practicing the responsibility concept of "production and ecological harmony, economic benefits and social benefits unity", adhering to the green development, vigorously promote energy saving and consumption reduction, clean production, circular economy, green manufacturing, to create a resource saving, environmentally friendly, leading industry benchmark; adhere to Shared development, care for employees, comprehensively protect the rights and interests of employees, realize the mutual promotion between the healthy development of enterprises and the improvement of employee value, and pay attention to people's livelihood; actively engaged in social welfare undertakings, in the performance of social responsibility to promote the common progress of enterprises and society.

Labor Practices and Human Rights

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Supply Chain Due Diligence

With the continuous development of electric vehicles, energy storage systems, smart phones, aerospace and other industries, the global demand for cobalt resources presents a growing trend, and the sustainability of cobalt resources has also attracted the attention of global stakeholders.


Since the beginning of 2016, the international community, including non-governmental organizations and media, has been continuously reporting on the human rights risks in the global cobalt supply chain, including the human rights violations such as child labor in the mining process of cobalt mining in the democratic republic of Congo.


Huayou Cobalt from 2016 to now, after more than 30 months of frank and tough global scope of operation, quickly make up for the cognitive, improve the ability of supply chain of the operational risk control. According to the UN, OECD and CCCMC's responsible supply chain management guide, Huayou Cobalt has builded and run the first responsible cobalt supply chain due diligence system in the whole industry. Huayou has always stressed that it is not only necessary to attach importance to the management of supply chain, but also to the local conditions of the investing country and the root causes of the problems.

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Complaint Mechanism/Contact Us

In terms of due diligence system of cobalt supply chain, if you have any suggestions, opinions or complaints about us, you can contact us through the following ways

Huayou encourages stakeholders to put forward their opinions on the company's due diligence management seriously and responsibly, to help the company improve its work; at the same time, it also accepts complaints from stakeholders, and provides due and unimpeded services to ensure that the company's work is carried out in a standard and orderly manner.

Social Responsibility Management /Cobalt Supply Chain Due Diligence

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