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Complaint Merchanism


Complaint Mechanism

Due Diligence Management

Address:No.18 Wuzhendong Road, Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province (CSR Office) 

Tel:+243 841206837
Likasi Road, Jorisit Block, Anaks District, Lubumbashi Municipality, Province du  Haut Katanga, CDM ( CSR Office)

Due Diligence Management of Cobalt Supply Chain

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Address:No.18 Wuzhendong Road, Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province (CSR Office)  


Tel:+243 841206837
Likasi Road, Jorisit Block, Anaks District, Lubumbashi Municipality, Province du  Haut Katanga, CDM (CSR Office)

Huayou Cobalt encourages stakeholders to manage the company's due diligence system,   especially the cobalt supply chain, and make suggestions, opinions or complaints. You can contact us by phone or by filling in the information collection form.


Huayou Cobalt will keep the information of those who provide suggestions, opinions or complaints confidential.


Huayou encourages stakeholders to seriously and responsibly make comments or suggestions on due diligence system of supply chain, to help the company improve its performance; At the same time, it also accepts complaints from stakeholders, and provides proper, unblocked channels and proper, fair ways to deal with complaints, to ensure that the work of the company is carried out in an orderly manner. 


I. Ways of complaints 
Complaints methods include: Telephone and Written (including EMAIL). Stakeholders may make comments, suggestions or complaints to Huayou by telephone, mail or letter. 

II. Reception of complaints 
Huayou Social Responsibility Office is the department responsible for handling complaints, with a special person responsible for receiving each opinion, suggestion or complaint submitted by stakeholders, and acknowledging receipt within two working days after submission. 

III. Review of appeals 
1. A complaint shall be admissible if: 

it is related to the due diligence management of the supply chain of Huayou Cobalt, including any identified risks;
it could identify deficiencies, inconsistencies or deficiencies in the due diligence system;
Including sufficient objective evidence to reasonably support the allegations of the complainant;
It violates the requirements of the Human Rights and Labor Practices Policy and the Environment, Health and Safety Policy;
It violates the requirements of the Code of Business Ethics and Conduct;
Submit in good faith 

2.A complaint shall not be accepted if: 

It is irrelevant to the due diligence management of the supply chain of Huayou Cobalt;
It is related to issues other than control, influence or responsibility of Huayou Cobalt;
It lacks sufficient objective evidence to support the complaint reasonably;
It is not submitted in good faith. 

3.All complaints must be based on facts and truthful contents. Assumptions and false contents shall not be used as the basis for complaints. No malicious attacks and slander shall be allowed. 

4.Handling of complaints 

If the complaint does not meet the conditions of Item 1, Huayou Cobalt will notify the complainant of the decision, including the reasons for Huayou's refusal to appeal. If necessary, Huayou may advise the complainant to submit the complaint to other parties.

If applicable, Huayou will inform the complainant of the complaint mechanism of the specific certification scheme related to the complaint.

Once the complaint is accepted, Huayou Social Responsibility Office will organize relevant departments to investigate all the elements of the complaint and inform the complainant of the investigation results and the corrective measures (if any) determined for resolving the complaint within 7 working days (the results shall be notified in a manner consistent with the confidentiality policy).

Huayou Cobalt takes one of the following actions to address each complaint: 

Acceptance of complaints and adopting corrective action
Acceptance of complaints and not adopting corrective action
Dismissing complaint
Publish the outcome or inform the complainant 


5.Confidentiality of information 
After receiving the complaint information, the social responsibility office shall be responsible for the preservation of the information, the transmission of the information review, and the processing and feedback of the information. Disclosure to persons outside the office is prohibited without the consent of the person in charge of the director's office. If there is a violation, the related party shall be punished in accordance with the company's regulations on rewards and punishments. 

6.Complainant protection 
The handling personnel shall keep the complaint information strictly confidential. The complaint materials shall be strictly managed as confidential information, and no one may access them without the approval of the company's main leader or the leader in charge. It is strictly forbidden to transfer the complaint materials to the respondent, or to retaliate against the whistle-blowers. The relevant party shall protect the legitimate rights and interests of the whistle-blowers, and to transfer to the judicial organs for handling serious confidentiality leaks that cause damage to the legitimate rights and interests of the whistle-blowers.