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Chairman Chen Xuehua Participates in the Premier's Symposium and Offers Suggestions for New Industrialization

2023/10/18 16:38
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From October 7th to 9th, Li Qiang, a member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and Premier of the State Council, conducted a research tour in Zhejiang. During this visit, Li Qiang presided over a symposium to listen to presentations from relevant departments in Zhejiang and some corporate leaders. Chairman Chen Xuehua of Huayou Cobalt Industry was among the attendees and provided a special report on Huayou's efforts in new industrialization and digital economy development.


Li Qiang emphasized that the development of the digital economy is profoundly transforming the way of production and life. He underscored the need to vigorously advance breakthroughs in digital technology innovation and wage critical battles in core technologies. Li Qiang highlighted the strategic importance of sectors such as big data and computing industries, as well as the new generation of artificial intelligence. He called for the nurturing of digital industry clusters and the pursuit of leadership in the new digital economy landscape. He also encouraged the acceleration of infrastructure development in areas like networks, arithmetic, and applications to enhance international competitiveness in the platform economy. Additionally, he stressed the importance of strengthening the foundational support for digital economy development.


Premier Li Qiang commended the achievements in economic and social development in Zhejiang and expressed his hope that the region would diligently implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping during his visit to Zhejiang. He encouraged Zhejiang to continue deepening and solidifying the "88 Strategies," taking the lead in digital transformation, and elevating various initiatives to new heights.


During his visit to Zhejiang, Premier Li Qiang also visited Huayou's headquarters in July 2014. He offered his full recognition of the company's accomplishments in adhering to go global strategy and pursuing high-quality development. He further encouraged Huayou to redouble its efforts in technological innovation, brand cultivation, and market expansion. He advised the company to leverage its strengths in resources, technology, and management to grow and contribute even more significantly to the local economic and social development.


Huayou has consistently heeded the Premier's guidance, especially during the 13th and 14th Five-Year Plans. The company has vigorously executed its "Two New Areas and Three Trends" development strategy, with a focus on new energy, new materials, industrial integration, high-end products oriented, and business internationalization. It also insist unswervingly on controlling the resource upstream, developing the markets downstream, enhancing the capability from within. As a result, Huayou has ascended to rank among China's top 500 enterprises and carved out a distinctive path to growth.

In his presentation, Chairman Chen Xuehua emphasized that industry serves as the cornerstone of a nation and the bedrock of a strong country. New industrialization is a pivotal field for constructing a manufacturing powerhouse, a critical task for China's high-quality economic development, a fundamental support for advancing Chinese-style modernization, and the developmental direction and path that Chinese enterprises must follow. Over the past two decades, Huayou has continually bolstered the impetus of new industrialization with scientific and technological innovation, embraced green manufacturing to establish the foundation for new industrialization, and fostered open cooperation to expand the horizons for new industrialization. These efforts have consistently reinforced the groundwork of high-quality development, accelerated the accumulation of new momentum, and propelled the transformation and upscaling of the company, improved the quality and advancement of the enterprise.


"Promoting industrial innovation through scientific and technological advancements and endeavour to move forward to a world-class enterprise," Chairman Chen articulated. Huayou is committed to deeply internalizing the Premier's vision, keeping his directives at the forefront, and upholding the Siqian spirit of Zhejiang entrepreneurs. The company places high-quality development as its paramount objective and views innovation as the driving force behind its business operations, industry advancement, and the pursuit of new industrialization. In doing so, Huayou aims to contribute to the sound development of the lithium-ion industry, the security of national energy resources, leadership in the new energy industry, and the successful realization of China's unique path to new industrialization.

▲ On July 15, 2014, Li Keqiang, who was then serving as the Vice Secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Governor, paid a visit to the company for research and guidance.

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