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During the 20th China-ASEAN Expo, Chairman Chen Xuehua holds a strategic cooperation meeting with Lv Jiajin, the Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Industrial Bank Co., Ltd.

2023/09/23 16:41
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"Work Together for a Harmonious Home and a Shared Future". On September 17th, during the 20th China-ASEAN Expo, Chairman Chen Xuehua visited Nanning and held a strategic cooperation meeting with Lv Jiajin, the Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Industrial Bank Co., Ltd.. The discussion focused on the new features of the development of the new energy industry and innovative approaches to blending production and finance. Both parties agreed to deepen their cooperation to promote high-quality development.

Chairman Lv Jiajin introduced the basic situation of Industrial Bank and expressed appreciation for Huayou's mission, strategic layout, and construction speed of the Guangxi base. He mentioned that Industrial Bank is China's first "Equator Bank" and is highly aligned with Huayou's green development philosophy. They will fully leverage their leading advantages in green finance and group operations to better meet the differentiated, specialized, and diversified needs of Huayou both domestically and internationally. This cooperation will also support the implementation of the national dual-carbon strategy and provide new impetus for the development of the new energy lithium-ion industry.

Chairman Chen Xuehua expressed gratitude for Industrial Bank's long-term support to Huayou and provided an overview of its development history, industrial structure, development advantages, and resource distribution.


"Empowering Myriad Industries with Finance, Striding Together Towards the Future". Chairman Chen mentioned that Industrial Bank, as the first bank to deeply cooperate with Huayou Cobalt in Guangxi, has achieved high-quality cooperation results in cooperation scale and scope. They have not only supported Huayou's first integrated cathode project but also extended their cooperation to over ten subsidiaries spanning seven provinces and cities across China, becoming another benchmark in the history of Huayou's banking-corporate collaboration. Guangxi, adjacent to ASEAN countries by land and sea, is at the forefront of China-ASEAN exchanges and cooperation. The construction of the Guangxi base is a major strategic deployment to achieve the medium and long term development plan of "Ten Years of Struggle, Leading in Two Aspects." It is also a strategic highland and main battleground of Huayou's "Second Entrepreneurship" transformation and upgrade. Huayou Cobalt appreciates Industrial Bank's support for the further growth and strengthening of private enterprises.


"Huayou dose not only belong to its employees but also a friend to China." Chairman Chen emphasized. Huayou will continue to lead in high-quality development through a strong commitment to openness and the integration of production and finance. We are eager to strengthen our strategic alignment and deepen our partnership with Industrial Bank to jointly establish a world-class lithium-ion industry base, contribute to national and ethnic industry revitalization, attain global leadership in Chinese new energy lithium-ion materials, and share Huayou's wisdom and strength!


Vice President of Huayou Cobalt, Qian Xiaoping, provided an update on the current progress and achievements of the cooperation between the two parties. He also outlined specific collaboration requirements for upcoming projects, both domestically and internationally.


Both sides reached a mutual agreement on the future direction of their collaboration and conveyed their unwavering confidence and commitment to cooperate in corporate and retail banking.


▲Chairman Chen Xuehua presented Chairman Lv Jiajin with a model of Huayou's environmentally-friendly intelligent manufacturing equipment.


The meeting was attended by Zhang Ting, a member of the Industrial Bank Party Committee and Vice president, Cai Zhibin, President of the Nanning Bank Branch, Liu Zhaoheng, Vice President of Huayou Holding Group, among others.


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