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Prime Minister Li Qiang Attendsed A Business Dinner in Indonesia and Delivers A Speech, with Chairman Chen Xuehua in Attendance by Invitation.

2023/09/09 14:29
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On the evening of September 5th, local time in Jakarta, Prime Minister Li Qiang of the State Council attended the China-Indonesia Business Dinner in Jakarta and delivered a speech. Indonesia's Coordinator Minister for Cooperation with China, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, and approximately 200 representatives from the business communities of both countries were present. Chairman Chen Xuehua attended the dinner as a representative of Chinese entrepreneurs.

 Prime Minister Li Qiang delivering his speech


Prime Minister Li Qiang stated that this is his first visit to an Asian country since assuming office as the Premier of the State Council of China. He emphasized that his visit to Indonesia is driven by a commitment to development, friendship, peace, and cooperation. China and Indonesia are good neighbors, brothers, and partners separated only by a stretch of sea, and their friendship remains evergreen.


In recent years, under the strategic guidance of the leaders of both countries, China-Indonesia relations have made remarkable progress, benefiting the people of both nations. They have become important trading partners, witnessed significant growth in investment cooperation, and deepened integration in industrial and supply chains, achieving mutual success.


The cooperation between the two countries goes beyond bilateral boundaries and holds significant implications for regional stability and prosperity. There is ample room and a promising future for high-quality cooperation between China and Indonesia. China is willing to work together with Indonesia to expand cooperation in fields such as green energy, the digital economy, biomedicine, and artificial intelligence, further enhancing the breadth and efficiency of bilateral cooperation. Prime Minister Li Qiang expressed the hope that companies from both countries would strengthen high-level innovation cooperation, contribute to the development of both nations, and create more well-being for their peoples, making a greater contribution to building a China-Indonesia community with a shared future.

 During the dinner, Prime Minister Li Qiang warmly shook hands and conversed with Chairman Chen Xuehua.


In recent years, as the Belt and Road Initiative has been comprehensively aligned with Indonesia's "Global Maritime Fulcrum" concept, China-Indonesia economic and trade cooperation has yielded fruitful results. As a representative of Chinese enterprises, the Group's projects in Indonesia, such as Huayue, Huafei, and Huake, have become the convergence point of the national Belt and Road Initiative and the company's path of transformation, as well as the main base for the company's second entrepreneurship. These projects have deeply rooted themselves in the Indonesian soil.

 From left to right: Chairman Chen Xuehua of Huayou Cobalt, Chairman Zhang Yuqiang of Zhenshi Holding Group, Chairman Chen Shiliang of Tongkun Holding Group, and Chairman Zhuang Kuilong of Xin Feng Ming Holding Group.


On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Indonesia and the fifth anniversary of Huayou's investment and construction in Indonesia, Huayou remains committed to and deepens the investment philosophy of "Wherever we invest, we must contribute to the local economy and society." We are deepening the integration of the new energy lithium-ion industry chain and supply chain, striving to create a new benchmark for high-quality joint construction of the Belt and Road Initiative, improving the well-being of the local people in Indonesia, and realizing the concept of building a community with a shared future for humanity through practical actions, as well as contributing the strength of Huayou to the development of the local economy and society in Indonesia.

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