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[Attention] Vice President Nan Zhe of LG Chem Visits Huafei and Huake Projects

2023/08/23 08:56
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On August 14th, in local Indonesian time, Mr. Nan Zhe, Vice President of LG Chem, embarked on a visit to the Huafei and Huake projects, which belong to Huayou Indonesia Nickel Industry Group. These projects are situated in the WedaBay Industrial Park. The gracious host for this occasion was Ms. Chen Xuehua, Chairman of the Group.

▲ A photo captures the moment as Chairman Chen Xuehua and Vice President Nan Zhe stand together.


Accompanied by Chairman Chen Xuehua, Vice President Nan Zhe conducted a comprehensive tour of the Huafei project. This encompassed visits to the Huafei project's nursery base, high-pressure acid leaching workshop, and production workshop, as well as the electric furnace control room of Huake project. During these visits, Mr. Gao Baojun, Senior Vice President of the Group and President of Huayou Indonesia Nickel Industry Group, provided Vice President Nan Zhe with an overview of the Huafei and Huake projects. This included insights into process technology, production scale, product output, and ESG initiatives.


▲ Vice President Nan Zhe is accompanied by Chairman Chen during their exploration of the high-pressure acid leaching workshop.


Vice President Nan Zhe took the opportunity to extend congratulations to Huayou for the successful establishment and operation of its projects in Indonesia. He lauded the admirable spirit of "Constantly Strive to Become Stronger and Pursue Excellence," while finding the achieved development outcomes to be both inspiring and moving. Among projects of a similar nature in Indonesia, the Huafei project left a deep impression on him due to its unique nursery base. This distinct feature showcased Huayou's dedication to green practices as an essential component of sustainable development, its commitment to ecological preservation, and its unwavering pursuit of green development. He commended Huayou's endeavors in driving low-carbon initiatives and decarbonization across the entirety of the industry chain, and it has walked out of a "Huayou path" leading the green and low-carbon development of the new energy lithium battery material industry chain. He accentuated the longstanding and robust foundation of cooperation between LG Chem and Huayou, expressing his eagerness to foster enhanced communication and deeper collaboration. He expressed optimism about the prospect of both parties seizing opportunities within the global new energy vehicle industry, enabling shared growth and development.

▲ A glimpse of the production workshop during the visit.


Chairman Chen Xuehua extended a warm welcome to Vice President Nan Zhe, emphasizing that the present year marked the fifth anniversary of Huayou's presence in Indonesia. Highlighting operational successes, she mentioned that projects such as Huayue and Huake were already operational, while projects like Huafei and Huashan were progressing steadily in their construction. These achievements have maintained a robust momentum. Turning to the future, she detailed the company's strategy for further advancing the development of nickel-cobalt resources in Indonesia. Notably, Huayou and LG Chem have nurtured a stable and mutually beneficial cooperative relationship, forming a community of shared interests and common development. He expressed his hope that the strong foundation of past successful cooperation would facilitate the joint exploration of growth opportunities, contributing to the ongoing advancement of the industry.

▲ A visit of the nursery base.


The visit was also attended by Mr. Choi Byung-cheol, Executive in charge of Business Development at LG Chem, and Mr. Kim Sung-hyun, Head of the Indonesian TFT TEAM of the Business Development Department.

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