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Doing little Things Well in the Great Era -- The Group Holds the Induction Ceremony for the 2023 Batch of College Graduates

2023/08/07 10:43
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On July 29, the Induction Ceremony, themed "Tempering, Integration, Struggle," was held at the Tongxiang headquarters.

"Congratulations, you passed the test of military training, endured the baptism of the scorching sun, and became one of proud members of Huayou. In this journey, Huayou has awaited you in your twenties, and you met Huayou in its twenties." Chen Xuehua, Chairman of the Group, warmly welcomed the new college graduates about to start their careers in his speech. He expressed his best wishes for the commencement of their professional journeys and gratitude for their trust in entrusting their youth and dreams to Huayou Cobalt.


After talking about Huayou's impressive achievements over the past twenty years, its significant industry position, and the broad development prospects of the new energy lithium battery Chairman Chen conveyed his earnest encouragement and expectations for the 1,800 members:


Insist on Long-termism. At this moment, Huayou is the result of the long-term hard struggle of you. The nutrients drawn from hardship are the stepping stones for Huayou's growth. I hope that you can be in harmony with the time, take long-termism as a life creed, and understand that success is not the goal, but the bonus for your persistent struggle.


Insist on Collectivism The achievements of Huayou are the endorsement of collectivism. The unity and cooperation of every Huayou person have ultimately built all of this. Huayou takes three stages on training, i.e. integrating, consolidating, and leading the team! I hope that you work for the collectivism, and Huayou would share the achievements with all of you!


Insist on Valueism Huayou is pursuing creating value. Only by creating value and supplying high-quality products for customers can we earn their recognition. I hope that every employee can integrate their willingness, recognition, ability, and potential into value creation, realize individual value, and service customers.


"Please believe that you are the future of Huayou, you are bound with Huayou and China!" Chairman Chen hopes that the recruited graduates can be themselves at Huayou and create a bright future.


At the induction ceremony, Li Qian, General Manager of the Human Resources Management Center, made a report on the induction of the students of 2023 batch, and everyone watched a special video clip of the "Strivers" training camp together. The ceremony also recognized the "Outstanding Students", "Outstanding Class Monitors", and "Outstanding Classes" that emerged during the week-long military training.


Chen Yaozhong, Senior Vice President of the Group and President of the New Energy Industry Group; Xu Wei, Senior Vice President of the Group and the President of New Material Industry Group; Chen Xiaojun, Vice President of Huayou Holding Group and Bao Wei, Assistant to Group President, welcomed the 2023 batch in a recorded video. They encouraged the new one to be down-to-earth, follow the target, display their talents at Huayou, and write a new chapter in their lives.


At the induction ceremony, teachers and family representatives of the 2023 batch expressed their deep expectations for the growth of their children at Huayou through in the video. They hoped that the children would stick to their original choices, be down-to-earth, and choose a good industry to strive for tirelessly!


The induction ceremony was hosted by Zhou Qifa, Vice President of the Group. The ceremony concluded with an induction oath.


In addition to the main venue in Tongxiang, students from the 2023 Struggler Training Camp in Quzhou, Guangxi, and other branch venues participated in the ceremony via live stream.

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