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Brand Building Supports Huayou Cobalt's High Standing

2023/07/24 11:23
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Recently, GYbrand, the renowned international brand value estimator, ,issued 2023 China Top 500 Valuable Brands. The list included 39 brands in Zhejiang Province, and Huayou for the first time earned a ranking of 413 on the list.


In this June, Huayou Cobalt was shortlisted by China Council for Brand Development as a "Holder of Brand with Great Contribution".


China Brand Development Council issued the Valuation of Chinese Brands 2023, Tianjin B&M Science and Technology Co., Ltd (Huayou's subsidiary) ranked 54th in China's energy and chemical industry with a brand strength of 869 and a brand value of CNY 2.368 billion.

Honors based on achievements

Huayou Cobalt as a Top Fortune 500 Chinese company achieved a ranking improvement by 136 positions from the 349th in 2022 to the 213rd in 2023; it became also a Forbes Global 2000 Company for the first time in 2023 with a ranking of 1376. It was honored as "The Best Listed Company", and the Chairman Chen Xuehua was honored as "The Best Leader of Listed Company"; it won the "Pioneer Award in Standards" of the British Standards Institution (BSI) and became the first holder of BSI ISO 37301: 2021 Certificate worldwide in the field of new energy lithium battery materials.


In 2022, its annual performace hit a historic high in the past 8 years since its listing. With a revenue of CNY 63.034 billion, net profit attributable to the parent company of CNY 3.91 billion, it ranked the 9th and the 12nd among Zhejiang A-share listed companies by revenue and net profit respectively, with an improvement of 14 and 4 positions respectively comparing to the last year.


On March 30 this year, Huayou Cobalt, PT Vale Indonesia Tbk and Ford reached an agreement for the joint establishment of the industry chain of new energy lithium battery. The company completed its first battery-grade lithium salt project with an annual capacity of 50,000 tons by the end of May and finished the trial production (with materials fed) successfully on June 20. The project, constructed at "Huayou Speed" and took only 9 months from its commencement to trail production, is a feat and key achievement in the company's business layout and space extension on lithium battery industry. The formally launched green and intelligent manufacturing project of high-nickel ternary cathode materials, which is a joint project of Huayou and B&M in Hungary, announced Huayou's expansion into Europe. The completion of POSCO HY Clean Metal marked the formal penetration of Huayou Cobalt into the market of renewable materials in South Korea.


▲ On March 30, Huayou Cobalt, PT Vale Indonesia Tbk and Ford signed their cooperation in Jakarta.


▲ On May 31, Guangxi Huayou Lithium Industry Co., Ltd completed its battery-grade lithium salt project with an annual capacity of 50,000 tons.

▲ On June 21, the green and intelligent manufacturing project of high-nickel ternary cathode materials, a joint project of Huayou and B&M in Hungary, was formally launched.

▲ On July 5, Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, the President of Zimbabwe, inaugurated the Acadia Project of Prospect Lithium Zimbabwe.


The registration of "HUAYOU", an electrolytic nickel brand (Ni99.96, using the electrodeposition process), at Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE) for the settlement of standard contracts of nickel futures indicating that the company's nickel products have reached first-class in China; The high-nickel ternary precursor product was successfully applied in high-nickel monocrystal cathode material of the new generation of LG chemical battery and put into mass production for the first time, extending the battery life by more than 30%. "State-level postdoctoral research station" of Huayou New Engergy Technology (Quzhou) Co., Ltd and Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Co., Ltd were licensed.

▲ In this April, Huayou New Energy Technology's Postdoctoral Research Workstation achieved a significant upgrade from a "provincial-level station" to a "national-level station".


Global depository receipts issued by the Company were listed on SIX Swiss Exchange on July 7, 2023, raising about 583 million USD.


These rankings, honors and awards were a recognition and encouragement for the 20-year-old Huayou. They, as well as the breakthroughs of the company, drive Huayou to approach new stages and heights in a new journey.


Huayou has turned itself from a follower to a pioneer in the past 20 years. Now, at its golden age, it is ready to realize a global brand upgrade of technological significance based on the continuous endeavor of Huayou employees across generations.


Fame following merit


Chinese entities, as "the cornerstone of economy", call for urgent optimization and upgrade "from size-focused to strength-focused". In this context, brand strength has become a major force in driving the high-quality development of enterprises.


In 2014, General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed the important instructions for "promoting the shift from 'made in China' to 'created in China', China Speed to China Quality, and China Products to China Brands". The instructions pointed out the direction and paths for entities in China from a global and strategic perspective and led to the birth of China's Brand Day on May 10. In February, 2022, Xi pointed out that world-class enterprises shall meet the standards of "excellent products, renowned brands, leading innovation, modern management", among which, "renowned brands" became a direction for the acceleration of development towards world-class enterprises.


During its 20 years, with "Rooted in China" as our patriotism sentiment and "Befriends Worldwide" as our business ideal, Huayou Cobalt has gone beyond Tongxiang and Zhejiang and expanded to cover the country and even the world, and made itself an international company with a revenue exceeding CNY 60 billion and a Top 500 private enterprise in China. With the customer confidence, recognition in the industry and public reputation going higher and higher, it is becoming an internationally influential brand step by step based on its continuous efforts in innovative and intelligent manufacturing and an active exhibitor of advanced intelligent manufacturing in China to the world.

▲ On April 19, Huayou Cobalt signed a Memorandum for Understanding of Investment with LG Chem, Saemangeum Development Bureau, Jeollabuk-do, Kunsan, Korea Agro-Fisheries & FoodTrade Corp.


Cooperation for brand development. Since 2016, it began to hold the China ·Huayu Annual International Conference for enhancing mutual trust and cooperation with all sectors of the society and other players in the industry. It has expanded its existing partnership network of LG and POSCO to include more and more internationally renowned companies, including Volkswagen, BMW, Ford and vale, and these down-to-earth cooperation were proved to be productive. The company also penetrated deeper and wider into the global industry chain of NEVs, and promoted high-quality development through high-level of opening up.


Innovation-driven brand upgrade. Huayou has established 14 R&D platforms at provincial or higher levels, with the Huayou Cobalt Technology Center recognized as a national-level enterprise technology center; it has 309 authorized national patents, and the invention patents "A Method for Preparing Cobalt Oxide, Nickel Oxide, and Copper Oxide" and "A Nickel Cobalt Manganese Hydroxide with Special Micro-Nano Structure and Its Preparation Method" have won the honorable mention of China Patent Award; The "Research and Applications of Key Technologies of High-Nickel Oxide Materials used in High Specific Energy Batteries" and "Key Technologies for Green Manufacturing of New Cobalt-based Lithium Battery Materials" have won the first prizes for provincial-level scientific and technological progress; its Tricobalt Tetraoxide product has been honored as a champion product in the manufacturing industry by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; and the company has led and participated in the drafting of 146 national and industry standards.

▲ Huayu donated CNY 50 million to Tongxiang Government to set up a special fund for charity and common wealth.


Responsible brand for a warm society. As a world leader in the integrated and green manufacturing of new energy lithium battery materials and a role model for ESG listed companies, Huayou has donated CNY 50 million to Tongxiang government as the special fund for charity and common wealth, CNY 20 million to Quzhou Charity Federation as a support for common wealth, and CNY 2.498 million to Fuqian Village, Wanyao, Jiangshan city for rural revitalization. The company was listed as a Pioneer in the Field of ESG by Forbes in 2023 and a Top 50 of 2022 Forbes China Sustainable Industrial Enterprises; Its has earned its place in Hurun China Private Companies SDG Readiness 100 for two successive years; Huayou New Energy obtained the internationally established SGS certificate, and made the company the owner of 4 "Zero-carbon factories"; Chengdu B&M lithium nickel cobalt manganate was shortlisted as a product with green design by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; Quzhou Huayou Resource Renewable Technology Co., Ltd was listed as a "Green and low-carbon factory in Zhejiang".


It also made a donation of 170 thousand USD to Cianjur, West Java Province, Indonesia for post-earthquake reconstruction; Its holding subsidiary Pt. Huayue Nickel Cobalt won the Indonesian Pandemic-prevention Contribution Award. By the end of 2022, PLZ committee of social responsibilities selected 16 projects based on 6 field trips to be included in PLZ public welfare program 2023. In 2022, CDM, MIKAS and the surrounding communities signed a Commitment to Social Responsibilities, promising that investments will be made in 35 projects for the local communities, including road building, power and water supply, education, medical care, environmental protection, agriculture and vocational training...for a development supporting the community with a shared future for mankind and the co-existence of the mankind and nature worldwide.


Culture-driven brand building. Culture is the soul of the brand. Externally, Huayou builds its influence and brand through omni-channel and on multiple platforms in an in-depth manner by establishing an all-media promotion matrix. Internally, Huayou employees understand and fully implement the spirit in the President's speech on the annual work meeting 2023 and Chairman Work Report 2023. The entire group work together across the world to build its culture to serve its operation and support its development through various impressive and influential activities, which show the vitality and spirit of Huayou and enhance the company’s ambition to grow into a world-class enterprise.

▲ On April 26, the Endeavor's Voice global finals culminated with success.


Huayou Cobalt will commit to its mission of "Creating value for customers and leading industry development", continuously strive to build the brand, enhance an international business structure based on overseas resources, domestic manufacturing and global market, promote high-quality development through opening-up at a high level, make itself a world-class enterprise that facilitates a better future for the mankind.

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