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Huayou Cobalt Ranks 213th in 2023 Fortune China 500!

2023/07/17 17:28
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In the 2023 Fortune China 500 list released by Fortune magazine on the evening of July 11, Huayou Cobalt ranked 213th, up 136 places from 349th in 2022.

Statistical data show that, the 500 listed Chinese companies have a total operating income of CNY 65.8 trillion this year, and a total net profit of CNY 4.7 trillion. Meanwhile, the annual revenue threshold for companies on this year's list reaches CNY 23.7 billion.

Huayou Cobalt, with the development of more than 20 years, has formed a comprehensive industrial chain by integrating upstream, middle, and downstream industries in terms of the cobalt-nickel-lithium resource development, nonferrous refining, as well as the research, development and manufacturing of new energy materials. The company, with the close connection and efficient coordination of industrial chains, achieves the cooperative operation mechanism in the raw material structure, the cobalt, nickel and lithium chemicals, and the cobalt-nickel-lithium ternary materials, releasing the company's competitive advantage in terms of integrated industrial collaboration.

In the past year, the company adhered to the general principle of pursuing progress while ensuring stability and fast-forward development, implemented the business concept of safety first, quality first, innovation-driven operation and industrial collaboration, and adhered to the business essence of "Putting customers at the center and creating value for customers". The company focused on mainstream markets, mainstream customers and mainstream products, and strengthened the business pattern of overseas resources, domestic manufacturing and global markets. As a result, the output and sales volume increased substantially, the project construction was further promoted, the market share was steadily expanded, and the innovation capability was significantly enhanced. Strategic cooperation made a comprehensive breakthrough, achieving the development mode of safety, coordination, innovation, environment protection and shared benefits.

Forging ahead along the development journey, striving to make achievements. The company focuses on production and operation, as well as implements the competitive strategy of the product leadership and cost leadership. In line with this, the company focuses on mainstream markets, mainstream customers and mainstream products, as well as strengthens the application of new technologies, research on new processes and the development of new products, achieving breakthroughs in many innovative achievements. According to the annual report in 2022, the operating income was CNY 63.034 billion, and the net profit attributable to the parent company was CNY 3.91 billion. This was the best annual operating performance in the history of the company. Meanwhile, the company has been maintaining a strong momentum of development by achieving a great leap in operating income at the level of CNY 10 billion for three consecutive years.

The honors encourage us to make greater achievements in the future! The time has come, and the potential has arrived. The company will take this glory as a new starting point to strengthen the mission of "creating values for customers and leading industry development", and adhere to the development strategy of "Two New Areas and Three Trends". Meanwhile, the company will practice the development model of "two gatherings and two bases", strengthen and deepen the cooperative relationship with customers, suppliers and other partners, innovate the cooperation mechanism, and integrate global resources. By striving for excellence, improving quality and forging ahead, the company will build a new pattern of high-quality development with a high level of openness, achieving the goal of "Ten-year Mission in Five Years".


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