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Official Accreditation Granted!

2023/07/17 15:15
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On July 1st, Shen Jianliang, the Party Secretary and Director of the Tongxiang Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, visited the headquarters of Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Co., Ltd. to officially accredit its Postdoctoral Research Workstation. During the ceremony, a plaque was presented, and a reward of 1 million yuan was granted for the establishment of the workstation. Vice President Zhou Qifa accepted the plaque on behalf of Huayou.

Only three months prior to this, the Huayou New Energy Technology (Quzhou) Co., Ltd. Postdoctoral Research Workstation had been upgraded from a "provincial-level" to a "national-level" status and received official recognition.

▲ In April of this year, Huayou New Energy Technology's Postdoctoral Research Workstation achieved a significant milestone by upgrading from a "provincial-level station" to a prestigious "national-level station".


Zhou Qifa, the Vice President of Huayou responsible for human resources, emphasized that postdoctoral workstations serve as an effective platform for integrating industry, academia, and research, thus enhancing Huayou's independent innovation capabilities. They play a crucial role in attracting and gathering postdoctoral talents, improving Huayou's technological innovation capacity, and facilitating the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. The establishment of two "national-level" postdoctoral research workstations in Huayou within such a short period of time showcases Huayou's appeal to outstanding talents and the influential role played by young postdoctoral researchers in driving independent innovation and promoting Huayou's high-quality development.


The head of the Science and Technology Management Center at the group headquarters stated, "With this accreditation, the total number of 'national-level' postdoctoral research workstations within the entire group has reached three. In the Zhejiang region alone, Huayou has two national-level workstations and one provincial-level workstation. We have a total of nine incoming postdoctoral researchers and one outgoing postdoctoral researcher from prestigious universities such as the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhejiang University, Dalian University of Technology, Central South University, Northeastern University, and East China University of Science and Technology."


Chen Xiaojie, one of the incoming postdoctoral researchers at Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Co., Ltd. Postdoctoral Research Workstation, obtained her Ph.D. degree from the Department of Physics at Zhejiang University. She currently serves as a Senior Engineer in New Materials Research and Development. Chen expressed her plans for the next three years, which include establishing a digital research and development platform to effectively guide the research and development of lithium battery materials, such as structural selection, computational simulation, experimental preparation, synthesis processes, and failure analysis, etc, catering to material research and development needs from the micro to macro levels. These efforts will accelerate the development process, establish a comprehensive and systematic research and development model, and strengthen Huayou's independent research and development capabilities.


Gong Lunlun, an engineering Ph.D., graduated from the School of Chemical Engineering at Dalian University of Technology, joined Huayou in July 2021 and currently serves as the Director of the Sodium Battery Development Department at the Advanced Materials Development Division of Huayou New Materials Industrial Group. She has successfully developed various sodium battery precursors, including nickel-iron-manganese and nickel-copper-iron-manganese hydroxides, which have received certification from major customers. In April of this year, Gong Lunlun entered the Zhejiang University - Huayou New Energy Technology (Quzhou) Co., Ltd. research workstation, focusing on the wet synthesis and performance research of nickel (copper) iron-manganese precursors for sodium-ion battery cathode materials. Her ultimate aim is to lead the industry in terms of Huayou's sodium battery products and technologies.


Since its establishment, Huayou has consistently adhered to the unwavering principle that "technology is the primary productive force, talent is the primary resource, and innovation is the primary driving force." Huayou deeply understands that innovation-driven development ultimately relies on talented individuals who can truly make it through hard work and dedication.


The talent team has experienced explosive growth. At its inception, Huayou had only 122 employees. However, as of now, Huayou has over 30,000 employees worldwide, representing a 246-fold increase over the past 20 years!


The talent structure has been optimized through convergence. In 2002, there was only one employee with a bachelor's degree and five with associate degrees. Today, Huayou owns 7,500 individuals with a bachelor's degree or higher, including 3,500 key talents. In 2022 alone, the number of key talents has doubled, with over 100 leaders and experts recruited. Furthermore, Huayou has hired more than 4,700 fresh graduates, with over 40 from prestigious universities like Tsinghua and Peking University and over 138 from the C9 League universities.


The power of talent is rapidly transforming into technological innovation capabilities and the core competitiveness of Huayou. Currently, Huayou has 14 research and innovation platforms at the provincial level or above. Huayou Cobalt Industry Technology Center has been recognized as a national-level enterprise technology center. Huayou holds 309 authorized national patents, and the invention patents for "A Method for Preparing Cobalt Oxide, Nickel Oxide, and Copper Oxide" and "A Special Micro-Nano Structure of Nickel Cobalt Manganese Hydroxide and Its Preparation Method" have received the Chinese Patent Excellence Award. The projects "Key Technologies and Applications of High-Nickel Oxide Materials for High-Energy Density Power Batteries" and "Key Technologies and Applications of Green Manufacturing of New Cobalt-based Lithium-ion Battery Materials" have received first prizes for provincial-level scientific and technological progress. Huayou's product, Cobalt Tetroxide, has been honored as a champion product in the manufacturing industry by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Additionally, Huayou has led or participated in the drafting of 146 national and industry standards.


The continuous influx of talent has become an accelerator for driving the high-quality development of Huayou. In comparison to 2015, Huayou's operating income has grown nearly 15 times, total assets have increased by nearly 11 times, and net profit attributable to shareholders has grown nearly 17 times. Over the past three years, Huayou has achieved continuous revenue growth of billions and has made the leap from China's Top 500 Manufacturing Private Enterprises to China's Top 500 Private Enterprises. With the guiding principle of "striving for excellence, pursuing quality improvement," Huayou has united its efforts to complete the ten-year mission within five years.


The "Talent-Driven Enterprise Strategy" has fostered a large number of highly qualified individuals with both moral character and expertise, continuously shaping Huayou's new driving forces and competitive advantages. Guided by the successful experience of "talent as the key," Huayou will continue to build its competitive advantage through talent, achieve leadership through outstanding individuals, and stride towards becoming a world-class enterprise.

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