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Officially into Operation! Zimbabwean President Mnangagwa Unveils the Project

2023/07/17 14:16
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On July 5th, Zimbabwean President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, accompanied by Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, visited Prospect Lithium Zimbabwe (PLZ) and attended the operation ceremony of the Arcadia project.

With the sound of national anthem of Zimbabwe, the ceremony officially commenced.

President Mnangagwa, Vice President Chiwenga, Oppah Muchinguri, Minister of Defense, Winston Chitando Minister of Mines, Mthuli Ncube, Minister of Finance, Sekai Nzenza, Minister of Industry and Commerce, Muzerengwa, Governor of Mashonaland East, Zhou Ding, Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Fang Qixue, Vice Chairman and Senior Vice President of the Group and Chairman of PLZ, Ding Sen, Chairman of Qingshan Group, and Zhu Haijun, General Manager of PLZ, jointly unveiled the project, marking the official start of the Arcadia project by PLZ.


President Mnangagwa emphasized the fruitful results of the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Zimbabwe. The official operation of Huayou Cobalt's PLZ project holds significant meaning for the development of Zimbabwe's mining industry. PLZ has provided employment opportunities for over 3,000 local people and made remarkable contributions to the Goromonzi surrounding area, setting a benchmark for fulfilling corporate social responsibility. The project completed and put into operation in just nine months, which showcases the impressive "Chinese speed." Zimbabwe is committed to deepening cooperation with Huayou Cobalt, providing strong support for PLZ's investment and growth in Zimbabwe, and facilitating its expansion and prosperity.

Ambassador Zhou Ding highlighted the enduring friendship between China and Zimbabwe, emphasizing the promising outlook and broad prospects for mining cooperation between the two countries. As a Chinese company, Huayou Cobalt has effectively utilized Zimbabwe's mineral resources, making Zimbabwe an integral part of the global new energy industry chain and significantly contributing to employment and tax revenue, thereby making substantial contributions to Zimbabwe's development.

Fang Qixue expressed that Huayou Cobalt is deeply rooted in China while embracing friendships worldwide. He acknowledged the significance of the historic moment as they witnessed the official commencement of the PLZ project in the beautiful Mashonaland Province. This milestone represents a shining achievement for PLZ and an important step forward for Huayou Cobalt's global expansion. Fang Qixue expressed profound gratitude to the Zimbabwean government for their care and support of the PLZ project, extending utmost respect to all executives, employees, and partners who contributed to its realization.


Regarding Huayou's investment and business development in Zimbabwe, Fang Qixue highlighted their active participation in community construction, employment solutions, education investment, and agricultural support. The project has attracted exceptional talents over the world and cultivated a large number of skilled workers, jointly promoting Zimbabwe's integration into the global renewable energy landscape and seizing new opportunities in the global new energy vehicle industry, thereby achieving mutual growth and development.


Chitando, Muzerengwa, and other dignitaries delivered speeches respectively.


Amidst enthusiastic and joyful music, President Mnangagwa led the attendees in singing and dancing, symbolizing their joy and strengthening the bonds of friendship between China and Zimbabwe.


Prior to the ceremony, accompanied by Fang Qixue and Zhu Haijun, President Mnangagwa, Vice President Chiwenga, and other guests visited PLZ's main production workshop, where they familiarized themselves with the company's profile, technology, and main products.


Representatives from the Chinese Embassy in Zimbabwe, chambers of commerce, cooperating entities, as well as community representatives and nearly a thousand PLZ employees, joined together to witness this historic moment.

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