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"Empowering ESG as a Vital Competitive Edge in Huayou's Global Expansion"

2023/07/04 15:20
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On June 28th, Huayou held the Huayou ESG System Construction Launch Conference and the Inaugural Meeting of the Huayou ESG Management Committee. The conference centered around the theme of "Comprehensively Building the ESG System to Facilitate Sustainable Development." Chen Hongliang, the President of the Group, was present at the launch conference and delivered a motivating speech.


President Chen emphasized the undeniable importance of ESG and sustainable development for a renowned international company. He stated that constructing a robust ESG system reflects the company's responsible approach to contributing to the development of the global community of shared future. By relying on a comprehensive ESG management system that encompasses all aspects, the company can proactively anticipate and effectively manage any ESG risks, thereby ensuring its sustainable development and securing the enduring success of Huayou.


President Chen further asserted that regardless of wherever we invests, we must contribute to the local economy and society. Throughout its journey of accelerating industrial expansion and promoting internationalization, Huayou has consistently remained true to its founding principles and fulfilled its commitments. In his speech, President Chen comprehensively reviewed and summarized the challenges, issues, and achievements that the company has encountered in the field of ESG and sustainable development in recent years. He highlighted that in 2022, Huayou released its initial version of the ESG policy, tailored to the company's unique business characteristics, the new energy Li-ion battery industry, and international best practices. The policy made commitments to 15 significant ESG issues relevant to its operations, and Huayou actively explored practical solutions. These efforts have yielded positive outcomes, receiving recognition and praise from stakeholders.


"The establishment of ESG management procedures and goals, along with the formation of the ESG and Sustainable Development Management Committee, which reflects Huayou's unwavering commitment and determination to build a robust ESG management system," affirmed President Chen. He proceeded to provide guidance and requirements for the future development of ESG initiatives. He called upon the relevant departments at the group headquarters and across industry groups to consider the launch conference as a pivotal moment, marking a fresh beginning. They should proactively manage ESG issues and risks in alignment with the established ESG management procedures and goals. President Chen emphasized the significance of collaboration and the collective mobilization of intelligence and resources to comprehensively enhance the company's competencies in environmental, social, and corporate governance. Such efforts would enable the company to attain high-quality sustainable development, acting as a gateway for its integration into the global community.


The ESG system construction launch conference, encompassing corporate strategic planning, governance enhancement, and operational management, signifies a long-term and ongoing endeavor. Through this conference, the group has raised awareness of ESG management, clarified ESG responsibility goals, and fostered the integration and mutual promotion of ESG and business development, propelling the company towards a new stage of high-quality growth.


The conference was attended by nearly 100 participants, including company leaders, functional departments at the headquarters, heads of ESG-related departments in industry groups, and designated personnel. Alongside the main venue at the Tongxiang headquarters, satellite venues in Guangxi, Quzhou, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Indonesia, and Zimbabwe participated through live video broadcasting.

At present, the global industrial structure and layout are undergoing significant adjustments, leading to the restructuring of industrial chains, reshaping of supply chains, and reconstruction of value chains. As a Chinese privately-owned multinational company driven by ideals, responsibilities, and commitments, we uphold the investment philosophy of "wherever we invests, we must contribute to the local economy and society." While expediting overseas project construction, we actively establish the ESG management system, promote talent localization strategies, and strengthen international operational patterns. Through overseas project construction and management, we aim to exemplify the positive image of Chinese enterprises. Projects such as the Indonesia Huayue Project and the Zimbabwe Lithium Mine Project serve as illustrations of our commitment to building first-class projects, operating exceptional enterprises, and establishing a distinguished brand. By fostering high-level openness, we will propel the company's high-quality development and present a favorable image of Chinese enterprises to the world during the process of internationalization. (Excerpt from Chairman Chen Xuehua's speech at the Group's 2023 Cadre Conference)

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