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Why is there a concentration of "Golden Phoenix" at No. 18 Wuzhen East Road?

2023/06/27 14:34
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During the expanded meeting of the Talent Work Leadership Group of Tongxiang Municipal Committee held on June 20th, several outstanding units and individuals in talent work were recognized. Huayou Cobalt received three major awards and was chosen as the sole representative among the winning enterprises to deliver a speech.


Huayou Cobalt was honored with the prestigious "Golden Phoenix Talent Scout Award." Additionally, Shigeng Gongwo, the Director of the Experimental Center at the Frontier Materials Research Institute, and Feng Zimin, the Chief Engineer of New Materials Research and Development at the Frontier Materials Research Institute, were both recipients of the esteemed "Golden Phoenix Talent Award." Furthermore, Hua Qiuzhi, the Senior Director of Human Resources and Administration at the Group's headquarters, was named the distinguished "Golden Phoenix Chief Human Resources Officer."

▲Li Qian, the General Manager of the Group's Human Resources Management Center (fifth from the left), took the stage to accept the award on behalf of Huayou.

Shigeng Gongwo (first from the left) and Feng Zimin (second from the left) went on the stage to receive their respective awards.

▲Hua Qiuzhi (third from the left) went on the stage to receive the award on stage.


During the event, Li Qian, the General Manager of the Group's Human Resources Management Center, delivered a speech representing Huayou. He emphasized that this year, Huayou plans to establish and develop the Huayou Global R&D Center, based on the foundation of national postdoctoral research workstations and national enterprise technology centers. They will continue to increase investment in scientific and technological advancements, rolling out 330 research programs and expediting the development of Huayou's research talent pool.


Shigeng Gongwo, Doctor of Science, graduated from Pohang University of Science and Technology in South Korea with a major in Chemistry. He joined Huayou in May 2021 and currently serves as the Director of the Experimental Center at the Frontier Materials Research Institute. His responsibilities include conducting research on "Surface Coating Modification and Processes of High-Performance Ternary Cathode Materials" as part of Huayou's "330" project. When asked about receiving the award, he expressed that it is the outcome of his dedication and hard work, reflecting his strong commitment to Huayou and the recognition he has received from Huayou's leaders. He also acknowledges that choosing to work in China has been the right path for him. He considers this award as an opportunity to intensify his efforts, engage in diligent studies, and achieve exceptional outcomes.


Feng Zimin, Doctor of Science, completed his studies in Theoretical and Computational Physics at McGill University. He joined Huayou in September 2022 and currently holds the position of Chief Engineer of New Materials Research and Development at the Frontier Materials Research Institute. Feng Zimin stated, "This award not only acknowledges my personal achievements but also affirms and encourages Huayou. I will cherish this honor and continue to leverage my strengths, pursue excellence, and contribute to the realization of Huayou's strategic goals."


In the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the term "talent" appeared 36 times, underscoring the crucial role of "the strategy on developing a quality workforce" and demonstrating the high priority that the central government places on talent development. Over the years, Huayou Cobalt has implemented significant initiatives in talent development, including recognizing talent as the primary resource and deeply implementing the strategy on developing a quality workforce to cultivate a large number of highly qualified individuals with moral integrity and professional competence. Huayou has expedited the implementation of the "the strategy on developing a quality workforce" and the establishment of talent hubs.


Chen Xuehua, the Chairman of the Group, summarized one of the "five key experiences" that led to Huayou's success over the past 20 years, which is the recognition that "talent is crucial." He emphasized that innovation-driven development is essentially talent-driven, and in a fiercely competitive world, the fundamental competition lies in the competition for talent. It is through having leading talents that Huayou can achieve a leading position. We have established a strivers-based talent concept, constructed a talent system that combines independent cultivation with external recruitment, built a talent team that covers the entire industry chain, and established a talent management mechanism where talented individuals are given the utmost importance. They have also accelerated the localization and internationalization of talent, continuously optimized the talent structure in the areas of scientific research and development, project construction, and production operations, and relied on excellent talent to support Huayou's rapid development.


Planting the Chinese parasol tree to attract the phoenix. Huayou has always regarded talent as the fundamental and key element for Huayou's development. They sincerely love, nurture, attract, and utilize talent, gathering outstanding individuals into the grand mission of "becoming the global leader in new energy lithium battery materials." They have embarked on a path where talent is the foundation, the driving force, and the strength of the enterprise.


Huayou has been actively seeking and embracing talent without limitation. Currently, Huayou has a global workforce of over 30,000 employees, including 7,500 individuals with a bachelor's degree or above and 3,500 key talents. The talent structure has been continuously optimized. ▲2022届大学生入职典礼


The recruitment efforts have yielded fruitful results. In 2022, the entire group recruited over 17,000 experienced professionals, witnessing a doubling growth in the recruitment of key talents, with more than 100 leading experts joining Huayou. Regarding campus recruitment, over 4,700 graduates were hired, including more than 40 graduates from prestigious universities such as Tsinghua University and Peking University, and over 138 graduates from C9 League universities. Huayou has established long-term cooperative relationships with more than 50 key universities, organizing over 20 university-enterprise exchange activities annually. They have also initiated a collaborative talent development project with local talents in Indonesia, collaborating with the Indonesia Ministry of Maritime and Investment Affairs, Northeast University of China, Universitas Gadjah Mada in Indonesia, Institut Teknologi Bandung, and other institutions, to facilitate cross-border university-enterprise cooperation.

▲On November 12, 2022, Huayou Cobalt held the "Industry-University-Research Collaboration" Summit and the Signing Ceremony for the Cooperative Talent Development Project in Indonesia.


Continuous efforts in talent incentives. Huayou's salary strategy is positioned as "industry-leading and region-leading." Starting from 2021, Huayou has launched a series of equity incentive plans for key talents for five consecutive years and introduced an employee stock ownership plan in 2022. Huayou has implemented initiatives such as the "8 Abilities" and the "6 Actions" to activate and cultivate cadres, establishing a "6+N" management system for cadre activation. This system enables cadres to experience accelerated mobility and development on Huayou's grand platform, fostering the continuous dedication and value creation of various talents.

▲On April 28, 2023, the Africa Resource Industry Group held the 5-15 Years of Service Awards Ceremony for its staff.


Comprehensive talent development drives business growth. Adhering to the principle of "70% talent, 100% utilization," Huayou has established a "U-shaped" talent development channel that enables vertical progression and horizontal mobility. Cadre development is carried out through methods such as job deputy, job rotation, temporary assignments, and specialized training, combining training with practical experience. For the development of university graduates, Huayou has emphasized the dual-mentor system. Over the course of more than a decade, Huayou has developed a systematic approach to cultivating university graduates with distinct characteristics of Huayou. Through the successful practice of internal talent development, Huayou has been able to nurture a large number of high-quality talents to support its business growth.


Cultivating a culture of talent retention. Guided by the Enterprise Agenda of Huayou, Huayou has gradually built a comprehensive and efficient human resources management system. Huayou promotes a strivers-based management culture and has established a cadre team characterized by "high willingness, high energy, and high performance." Upholding the principle of being "people-oriented" and valuing talents, Huayou has developed a comprehensive employee care system. This system includes various initiatives such as employee forums, celebrations for birthdays and holidays, home visits and condolences for overseas staff, diverse team-building activities, thoughtful arrangements for clothing, food, accommodation and transportation, and support for employees facing challenges. These initiatives aim to create a favorable work environment and enhance employees' overall well-being.


Excellence in talent management and the attraction of a large number of outstanding individuals have provided significant support for Huayou's development as a top-tier enterprise, with consecutive annual revenues exceeding billions. This achievement signifies Huayou's transition from being among the top 500 private enterprises in China's manufacturing industry to being among the top 500 private enterprises in China overall.


Success is achieved through talent, and businesses thrive with a diverse range of skilled individuals. Talents serve as the foundation and driving force for enterprise development. Ultimately, the competition between companies revolves around the competition for talent. Huayou will continue to accelerate the implementation of the "Strategy of Developing Enterprise by Talent Management", attracting exceptional individuals from various fields. Huayou aims to create a talent hub that inspires everyone to excel, fosters their desire for growth, provides opportunities for all to unleash their full potential, and fully utilizes their talents. This talent hub will serve as a solid pillar of support for Huayou's pursuit of excellence, continuous improvement, and the realization of its ambitious goals, such as the "Ten-Year Mission, Five-Year Completion" plan and the establishment of a world-class enterprise.

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