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The Indonesian Multi-party Cadres Delegation Visited Huayou Cobalt

2023/06/17 13:25
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On June 14, the Indonesian multi-party cadres delegation visited Huayou Cobalt and exchanged opinions. They were warmly interviewed by group president Chen Hongliang.

Ms. Luluk Hamida, head of the Indonesian multi-party cadres delegation, spoke highly of Huayou, saying that since Huayou invested and started its business in Indonesia, it has vigorously developed the nickel resource industry, revitalized local economic and social development, increased tax revenue, promoted employment and fulfilled social responsibilities, it also played an important role in promoting local education, medical care, women and children's health. Also, she praised Huayou as a friendly envoy of China-Indonesia relations. She hoped that the both parties will enhance exchanges and cooperation to bring more well-being and prosperity to the Indonesian people.

Zhang Ke, Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia, said that Huayou actively responded to the national "The Belt and Road" initiative, set up a benchmark of "going out" development for Chinese private enterprises, and played a positive role in enhancing the friendship between China and Indonesia. The Chinese embassy in Indonesia will continue to provide better services to Huayou for its layout in Indonesia, thereby take advantaging of Indonesian resources and market opportunities. It is hoped that the Indonesian multi-party cadres delegation will create a good business environment for Huayou and other Chinese enterprises, promote win-win development, and turn over a new leaf in the friendly cooperation between China and Indonesia.

Chen Hongliang said, "Today's exchange meeting is a kind of mutual trust, a channel, and a new starting point." He welcomed the Indonesian multi-party cadres delegation and the leaders from the International Department, Central Committee of CPC, Zhejiang Red Boat Cadre Academy and Tongxiang Committee Party School. He said that, Huayou, as a leading enterprise in the global cobalt industry, was committed to becoming a global leader in new energy lithium battery materials. Adopting today's world-leading hydrometallurgy technology, Huayou actively participated in and helped the healthy development of new energy industry in Indonesia.


Chen Hongliang said, while expanding overseas business and developing low-carbon, green resources, Huayou, as a practitioner of "The Belt and Road" jointly built between China and Indonesia, further practiced the ESG development concept and built an ESG system. Huayou has implemented and promoted the talent localization strategy to provide a broad platform for local youth, attached great importance to charity and public welfare activities, and continued to invest in multiple public welfare fields such as community construction, disaster relief, poverty alleviation, education, medical care, culture and sports, it has fulfilled social responsibility with actual action.


2023 is the tenth anniversary of "The Belt and Road" initiative and the tenth anniversary of the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Indonesia. Huayou Cobalt will continue to give full play to its industry-leading advantages in technology, products and services, explore overseas project cooperation opportunities with a global perspective. It will play the role of cooperation with openness, maintain the trend of innovation, seek shared blessings, and promote the development of the new energy industry with a more open mind, thus making contributions to the friendship between China and Indonesia.

The Indonesian Multi-party Cadres Delegation conducted in-depth exchanges on Huayou's investment projects in Indonesia, local people's livelihood, education and social responsibility.

Before the symposium, the delegation also visited the company's exhibition hall to learn more about the company's development history, industrial layout, development strategy and corporate culture.

Leaders from International Department, Central Committee of CPC, Zhejiang Red Boat Cadre Academy and Tongxiang Committee Party School came to visit and exchanged with each other.

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