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Pioneer Award

2023/06/17 13:21
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On June 8th, the 6th Internet of Things Smart Economy Summit and the inaugural Greater Bay Area Management Forum, organized by the British Standards Institution (BSI), took place in Shenzhen, China. The event centered around crucial topics such as ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), compliance, and digitization, while also recognizing exceptional companies. Huayou Cobalt was honored with the prestigious "Pioneer Award" in recognition of the accomplishments in the field of compliance.


During the awarding ceremony, Mr. Chen Chao, Senior Legal Manager of the Group's Legal Department, delivered a captivating keynote presentation titled "Challenges and Opportunities for New Energy Enterprises Going Global." He shared insights into Huayou's remarkable achievements over the past two decades, highlighting the obstacles and prospects encountered during the international expansion journey, as well as the strategies implemented to overcome them. Moreover, Mr. Chen Chao actively participated in a round-table discussion on the theme of "Strengthening Compliance System Construction to Facilitate International Development." He shared Huayou's future compliance priorities, compliance management requirements for the partners, effective implementation strategies, and leveraging the distinctive characteristics of the industry.

▲ Mr. Chen Chao (on the right) accepts the award on behalf of Huayou.


Compliance management is Huayou's core competitive advantage. Since its inception, Huayou has continuously prioritized the development of grassroots organizational structure, enhanced foundational management capabilities, and fostered essential skills for business growth. These efforts have established a robust foundation for safe and stable high-capacity production and laid the groundwork for effective compliance operations. On March 15, 2023, Huayou officially obtained the BSI GB/T 35770-2022/ISO 37301:2021 dual certification for the compliance management systems, which means Huayou became the world's first new energy lithium battery material enterprise to receive such recognition.

This esteemed award places Huayou Cobalt among the industry's pioneers in attaining this prestigious recognition. It serves as both an acknowledgment from the industry and a testament to Huayou's strength. The achievement underscores the significant emphasis the management places on compliance operations and highlights the outstanding compliance culture and robust capabilities in legal compliance management.


Huayou will continue to prioritize professionalism and focus on enhancing the corporate governance system, implementing comprehensive compliance management, strengthening the compliance teams, and striving to become a role model for a law-abiding enterprise. Through these efforts, Huayou aims to promote the rule of law in the operations, improve the overall quality, and ambitiously work towards accomplishing the ten-year mission within a five-year. We are determined to provide robust legal protection to facilitate high-quality development.


BSI is a business improvement company dedicated to assisting organizations in adopting best practice standards and fostering excellence. Their mission is to "inspire trust for a more resilient world." With a century-long commitment to pursuing excellence and promoting best practices worldwide, BSI has emerged as a key player in global standardization. They have over 86,000 clients across 195 countries/regions and have contributed to the development of nearly 50 percent of global standards. BSI plays influential role in formulating and applying standards globally underscores their significance in the industry.


Whether be domestic companies or international corporations, it is essential to establish an ESG management system to strengthen sustainable development and international operational capabilities. As companies embark on their internationalization journey, the implementation of stringent compliance measures reduces potential challenges, while adherence to regulations mitigates risks. By constructing a robust ESG framework, Huayou obtain a passport to engage with the global community and establish a protective barrier that supports sustainable development. (Excerpt from Chairman Chen Xuehua's speech at the Group's 2023 work conference.)

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