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What makes Huayou Africa popular?

2023/06/12 14:10
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Recently, a recognition meeting was held at Huayou African Resources Industry Group. The seemingly ordinary recognition meeting is significant.


The 109 people who were honored are all local people in DRC, and they share a common identity - Huayou employees, who have been working in Huayou Africa CDM for at least 5, 10 or even up to an incredible 15 years.

What is it that makes a group of foreign employees fall in love with a Chinese company? Why are African employees fond of Huayou? With this question in mind, the author connected with some award-winning employees.

Emma KYOTA NTAMBO, who joined the company in 2013, has been working in human resources, such as updating employee information and accounting for payroll. In his eyes, CDM companies hire inexperienced employees and provide them with skills training. More importantly, CDM never owes wages and values the care of its employees and their families. He said: "Loyalty and trust are very important in a career, and I have been working for CDM for 10 years. Not only have I gained professional knowledge and skills, but I also have the ability to provide for my family and improve the living conditions of my family."


KAYEMBE CIMANGA Yannick, Assistant Public Relations Manager, couldn't hide his joy when he talked about this recognition and hoped to continue to work hard and achieve better results this year. For the past five years, he has been responsible for maintaining the company's relationship with the surrounding community and residents and assisting with public service activities. The best thing for him is that he was honored as the "Best Employee" of 2022.

MAKONGA KANYEMBO Albert is a safety and environment manager in the Plant Engineering Department and is also the acting supervisor. He said that his working principles are: "I work rigorously and follow the rules, which have been praised by the company's leaders and colleagues."


"This has enhanced the sense of belonging and honor of local employees and promoted harmonious labor relations," said Tang Xiaoshu, the deputy director of the Social Responsibility Office of Huayou Africa Region Management Headquarters. "Since its investment and establishment in DRC, Huayou has created many jobs for the local community while actively carrying out cultivation of talent localization, providing a wide variety of general training and INPP professional skills training, and regularly launching work experience recognition activities. "


According to statistics, the percentage of foreign employees in Huayou Africa reached 82%. The company's talent localization strategy has achieved remarkable results and made positive contributions to local employment.


The above case is just a miniature of Huayou's ESG actions in Africa. In the past 20 years, Huayou has been rooted in Africa, deeply cultivating the integration of cobalt, lithium and copper resources mining and smelting, making every effort to improve the level of social responsibility fulfillment, and has taken a path of development to realize a community with a shared future for mankind and the harmonious coexistence between human beings and nature in the global context.


Huayou attaches great importance to corporate and supply chain social responsibility, creating a large amount of tax revenue and employment in DRC and Zimbabwe, and promoting local economic development; they provide employees with labor protection products to ensure their safety at work; they focus on training local employees to improve their professional skills; they care for the well-being of local employees, carry out family visits, medical services, etc.; they assist in the construction of community infrastructure to improve the capacity of basic services; they donate money for education and various charitable activities; they also invest in the construction of agricultural demonstration parks to promote local agricultural development.

Huayou DRC Agriculture Demonstration Center helps to promote precise poverty alleviation

Huayou started exchange and cooperation with Zhejiang University and the University of Lubumbashi in 2011, and funded US$8 million to build the Huayou DRC Agricultural Technology Demonstration Park project.

Nearly 1,700 mu of modern agricultural park was built, including 5,000 m2 of continuous intelligent glass greenhouses, 100 mu of continuous greenhouses, 7 industrial functional plots and 13 key agricultural projects, introducing Chinese agricultural and animal husbandry products such as rice, vegetables, chickens and pigs, teaching local farmers farming techniques and methods in order to enhance local agricultural development and provide demonstration and guarantee for regional self-sufficient construction of food and vegetables. In August 2017, an expert mission appointed by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and selected by the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture was stationed in the park to provide technical support.


On April 20th of this year, CDM conducted a 3-day charity school visit to the Kawama, Kamatete, Kasapa, and Kashimpala communities around the plant. "We have donated a total of nearly $10,000 worth of supplies to eight elementary and secondary schools, including 384 boxes of foodstuffs such as cookies, drinks, chips and candies, and 32 boxes of school supplies such as school bags, rulers, pens and folders." said by Jin Yanhong from Social Responsibility Office of Huayou Africa Regional Management Headquarters.


KASOLE JOSÉ, a student, said: "What you have sent is not only material support, but also spiritual inspiration." Another student, KABEYA KATSHINGA, expressed her thanks: "CDM is a responsible company because it makes community work an achievement."

PLZ went to the elementary school for cultural exchange


May 25, local time, is the most important holiday for African people - "Africa Day". On the same day, a 16-member delegation including Yu Long, the director of PLZ's Social Responsibility Office, brought special gifts of Chinese cultural elements such as Chinese knots, peace buttons, chopsticks, fans, couplets, paper-cutting, incense buns and dumplings into Chinyika Elementary School in Goromonchi District, Masholand East Province, Zimbabwe, and carried out cultural exchange activities with teachers and students of the school.

Mr. Mutema, the principal of the school, delivered an enthusiastic speech, praising PLZ for its community responsibility, helping education and education, and being an ambassador representing Sino-African friendship and promoting cultural exchange between China and Zimbabwe.


The students and teachers performed folk dances, rhythmic exercises, folk instruments and fashion shows with African characteristics, while PLZ employees shared Chinese special gifts with the students and teachers. The school prepared local specialties for PLZ employees, while PLZ employees cooked dumplings and dumplings and invited students and teachers to taste the food from the East.

On the occasion of Children's Day, CDM launched a charity campaign to help students


On May 31, the eve of International Children's Day, CDM representatives visited Rukuni Welfare Institute and donated a batch of food, school supplies and other necessities. The orphanage houses many homeless children from broken families.


Marguerite KAFIMI, a nun and the director of the orphanage, praised CDM for this good deed: "We commend CDM for supporting us through timely material assistance and for responding positively to the government's call to help children for the common good."


According to Li Lumei from the Social Responsibility Office of Huayou Africa Regional Management Headquarters, CDM has provided several times of assistance in the past three years to improve the learning conditions and living environment of children in Rukuni Welfare Institute. At the beginning of 2021, CDM donated a batch of desks and chairs and installed cables, which greatly facilitated the children's learning and living. In August 2021, CDM donated and built a solar-powered water well. During the six-month-long dry season, children no longer have to travel long distances in the hot sun to find water, nor do they suffer from repeated illnesses due to unsanitary water sources.


There are countless good deeds, charitable acts of warmth and charity actions like these.


At the end of 2022, representatives of PLZ's Social Responsibility Committee met face-to-face with representatives of villagers from six surrounding stakeholder constituencies to discuss the collection of community development demands, and a total of 22 projects were collected. After six site visits to confirm and repeated discussions, 16 projects were selected to finalize PLZ's 2023 public service program.


In 2022, CDM and MIKAS signed a Social Responsibility Letter with the surrounding communities, committing to invest in the construction of a total of 35 projects in the next five years, including roads, power supply, water supply, education, healthcare, environment, agriculture, and vocational training in the local communities.

CDM coordinated the 21st batch of China's medical aid team to provide volunteer medical services to the surrounding communities.


Chen Xuehua, Chairman of the Group, spoke at the Group's 2023 Annual Conference: "Both domestic and overseas companies should build up ESG management systems to enhance the company's sustainable development and international operation capabilities. A good ESG system is a passport for the company to go international and a moat to achieve sustainable development."


"No matter where we invest, we will contribute to the local economy and society." This is the solemn commitment made by the Huayou people.


By organically integrating corporate development with ESG management, so that business growth and social value creation can mutually promote and complement each other to form a virtuous cycle, Huayou strives to be a long-termist on the road to sustainability.

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