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Crossing the seas to gather in Indonesia

2023/06/12 13:57
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The Group's projects in Indonesia, such as Huayue, are the combination of the "Belt and Road Initiatives" and the company's transformation road, and the main field of the company's second venture, which has been deeply rooted in Indonesia. Huayou is firmly committed to deepening its investment philosophy of "contributing to the local economy and society no matter where we invest", to promote the well-being of local people in Indonesia. With the concept of building a community with a shared future for mankind with practical actions, we always keep in mind the earnest wishes of the leaders of China and Indonesia, and contribute to the development of the local economy and society in Indonesia.


It is better to teach people to fish than to give them fish. It is better to teach people to fish than to give them fish. To further cultivate the Indonesian market, benefit the local community and actively carry out the corporate mission, Huayue Indonesia and its projects have implemented and promoted the strategy of talent localization, providing more than 10,000 jobs. We have also improved the skill level of the local workforce and achieved more than 80% localization of human resources. With the joint efforts of Chinese and Indonesian employees, Huayou's lithium business in Indonesia is flourishing, and under the "Belt and Road Initiatives", China-Indonesia cooperation is actively united and collaborative.

On November 12, 2022, Huayou Cobalt Indonesia's "Industry-Academia-Research Linkage" strategic summit and Huayou Indonesia's local talent training cooperation project were completed.


Young Dream, We Care


On November 12 last year, right before the G20 Summit, Chen Xuehua, Chairman of the Group, gathered with the presidents of several local universities in Indonesia and had an in-depth exchange on exploring ways to cultivate talents, innovating talent training mode and promoting the coordinated development of industry, education and talents together. In the presence of Mr. Luhut, the Coordinating Ministry for Marine and Investment of Indonesia, Huayou Cobalt Indonesia's "Industry-Academia-Research Linkage" strategic summit and Huayou Indonesia's local talent training cooperation project were officially signed. This project will represent another landmark in the deep integration of China's "Belt and Road Initiatives" and Indonesia's "Global Maritime Fulcrum" Vision.


Those who share the same will are not distant by distance. In this event, the company signed MOUs with the Ministry of Maritime Affairs of Indonesia, Northeastern University, Gadjah Mada University, Bandung University of Technology, and Ujung Pandang Institute of Technology. Both parties reached cooperation intentions on joint training of graduate students, undergraduates and college students at multiple levels of talent training mode, talent ladder construction, internship employment and other dimensions. The theme of the summit has international meanings- "Young Dream, We Care"- aims to jointly build Indonesia's talent team in the new energy lithium industry chain, and constantly create the development of new momentum and new advantages, to build high-quality development for the "Belt and Road Initiatives".


The cooperation project is progressing at full speed according to the plan, which will then train hundreds of new energy lithium material professionals for Indonesia. We will continue to contribute to the progress of the industry and the economic and social development of Indonesia by using the "talent chain" to help Indonesia's integrated development of the "industry chain" and "innovation chain" and accelerate the construction of Indonesia as a world new energy lithium industry talent center and innovation highland.


"Huayou is full of various opportunities and potentials. Most importantly, we can gain experience and practice in world-class projects, which will empower us with superior skills, cutting-edge knowledge, and a broader perspective," said Wira Perdana Damanik, a graduate of Bandung University of Technology, who was honored to join Huayou in September 2021 and witnessed the completion and commissioning of the Huayue nickel-cobalt wet process project. In less than two years, he has been promoted to shift leader and stepped up to a management position.


Special promotion competition empowers growth


"On the platform of Huayue, everyone has the opportunity to realize their dreams, and so can I!" "Thanks to the mentor's teaching hand in hand, allowing me to achieve rapid growth, I will continue to work hard". This April, a special promotion competition for Indonesian employees themed "Step forward and be the first" was staged passionately, and the speech of the local Indonesian employees won warm applause on the stage.


At the promotion competition site, 77 colleagues from Mineral Processing Plant, Sulfuric Acid Plant, Smelting Plant, Storage Department, Quality Assurance Department, and Maintenance and Repair Department gave speeches with enthusiasm, respectively elaborating on their work experience and job knowledge, fully demonstrating their unique concepts in professional skills and organization and management. After 8 competitions, 21 people, including 8 shift leaders, 5 deputy shift leaders and 8 technical backbones, won and competed successfully. It not only opens up the development channel for Indonesian talents, but also promotes excellent Indonesian colleagues to management positions, which in turn stimulates organizational dynamics, strengthens organizational configuration and improves the management hierarchy.


The promotion competition is the most successful one ever in terms of the number of participants and the scope of coverage, which shows that the Indonesian Nickel Industry Group is committed to localized management and has received great attention and participation from Indonesian colleagues, reflecting their high recognition of the Group's business, strategy and culture. Such special promotion competition sessions will be held regularly to provide a stage for Indonesian colleagues to show their talents.

Excavator maintenance and operation skills competition


The special promotion competition provides Indonesian colleagues with an infinitely broad career track, and the series of skill competitions empower everyone to grow and become successful. In another "battlefield" of the nickel industry group, the first Huafei excavator maintenance and operation skills competition was held:


As the referee's whistle sounded, the game officially began. The competitors wore protective equipment and were ready to go. Despite the hot weather, their enthusiasm could not be stopped, and the atmosphere at the competition site was tense and exciting. Along with the movement of the excavator, a dump truck was loaded.


After fierce competition, Aris Sampe Bua from Maintenance and Repair Department - Auto Repair Shop won the first prize and Julas Sumbu and Alwein Marisit won the second prize. This excavator competition is another successful practice of job skills competition of Huayou Indonesia Nickel Industry Group. It provided a platform for Chinese and Indonesian employees to cooperate and exchange, learn from each other and show their skills, and stimulated the enthusiasm of Chinese and Indonesian employees to improve their skills and gain honors.


This excavator maintenance and operation skills competition is just part of the many skills competitions for Huayou's many projects in Indonesia. With the welder competition, forklift competition, cooking competition, etc., we promote learning by competition, promote practice by learning and promote use by practice. We are striving to create a high-level and high-quality lithium industry workers team, which enhances the friendship between Chinese and Indonesian employees.


Mentors and friends, working together


"One who could propagate the doctrine, impart professional knowledge, and resolve doubts" In the big family of Indonesia Nickel Industry Group, through the one-on-one teaching of mentor-apprentice, the mentors selflessly teach their years of work experience and excellent skills to help the apprentices rapidly improve their professional skills and become unique experts in various fields. It has become a trend for mentors and apprentices to work together to advance.


Last month, Huayou Indonesia Nickel Industry Group released the Management Measures for Indonesian Employees' Mentorship, which further clarifies the implementation path, responsibilities of each party and assessment and evaluation system of the mentorship system, aiming to strengthen the "transmission, help and guidance", accelerate the cultivation of excellent Indonesian technical and management talents and speed up the process of localization of employees.


Top-level design and implementation. In less than a month, the mentorship has been normalized and institutionalized to promote the implementation of each workshop and department. Each department has also formulated individual training plans and outlines for each student to ensure that mentors and apprentices are clear about specific training methods, which in turn boosts college students' confidence in learning and lays the foundation for their rapid growth.


With his rich knowledge and practical experience, Wu Zhihui, deputy shift leader of instrumentation maintenance in the Maintenance and Repair Department of Huayue Nickel and Cobalt, became Rafly's mentor. In response to the specific requirements of the instrumentation position, Wu Zhihui combined theory and practice to help Rafly become familiar with the types of instrumentation throughout the plant, master the measurement principles of various instruments and common troubleshooting methods, and refine the ability to work independently.


In addition to developing training programs and teaching operational skills, Wu Zhihui also focuses on establishing independent work systems and accountability to help Rafly become an independent and responsible professional. Therefore, he asked Rafly to be able to respond to production and various departmental repair tasks in a timely manner, and to exercise the ability and confidence to lead his Indonesian colleagues to complete their tasks. By taking on real-world tasks and responsibilities, Rafly is putting theory into practice and growing in her position. Furthermore, Wu Zhihui, as a mentor, emphasizes the importance of management to help Rafly work effectively with his colleagues to realize their potential, develop a cohesive professional team, and work to stabilize production.


"I am grateful to my mentor. He is just like his name, and I learned from him the wisdom of managing instrumentation." Rafly says proudly. Under the mentor-apprentice system, Rafly is not only learning the various expertise in process production, but is also becoming a generalist who is "able to handle complex situations, collaborate with colleagues and complete maintenance tasks on time".

Friendship with good faith will be long-lasting. The mentor-apprentice system also plays a role as a link for cross-cultural exchange. The partnership between Wu Zhihui and Rafly is a symbol of cooperation and cross-cultural integration between China and Indonesia. By working closely together, they have the opportunity to learn about each other's customs and traditions, thus promoting mutual respect and appreciation. Cultural integration strengthens the team and helps create a harmonious work environment. There are already dozens of mentor-apprentice pairs like this one, and there will be more in the future.


"May 8 is my two-year anniversary of coming to Huayue. I am already an 'experienced Huayue people' and have gained a lot along the way. Thanks to our Chinese partner Mr. Baofu Chen, we worked very well together. Huayue will be more and more wonderful! STEPAN RATANNA from Maintenance and Repair Department hopes that in the future he will make more active use of his potential, and also hopes that Huayue will become a better company and the best company in Morowali Industrial Park, Indonesia.


The Huayou Business Guidelines, which is a guide to Huayou's business actions, states that we will provide growth opportunities and build an empowering platform for talents with high self-drive, high working ability and high value fit, so as to achieve a leading Huayou with leading talents. We are pleased to see that on the 10th anniversary of the "Belt and Road Initiatives", the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the overall strategic partnership between China and Indonesia, and the 5th anniversary of Huayou's entry into Indonesia to pursue high-quality development, Chinese and Indonesian employees are working together for each other's lithium dreams, accelerating the "Belt and Road Initiatives" and the "Global Maritime Fulcrum" Vision, and writing a new chapter of high-quality development together!

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