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"Safety comes first, everything else is secondary"

2023/06/06 08:59
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June of this year is the 22nd Safety Production Month in China


with the theme of "Everyone pays attention to safety and everyone responds in an emergency"


The company adheres to the principle of "safety and environmental protection come first" and has launched the 2023 Safety Production Month

On May 31st, the 2023 Safety Production Month Launching Conference of Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Co., Ltd. was held at the group headquarters. The conference aimed to implement the requirements and deployment of the national Safety Production Month in June, and adhered to the principle of "safety and environmental protection come first" to improve the safety production and development of the company. Chen Hongliang, as a president of group, attended the conference and raised work requirements.

"For individuals, health comes first, while others are secondary. For businesses, safety is the most important, while others are secondary." Chen Hongliang said that safety is vital to all work, company's business development, and sustainable development. Everyone should always value the safety work through the Safety Production Month activity. For that, Chen Hongliang proposed four requirements.


Establish a safety culture for all employees

All staff should uphold the culture of being proud of safety and ashamed of insafety. Also they should attach importance to and participate in improving safety awareness and implementing it into practical behavior.


Strengthening building of safety capacity


Strengthen the construction of organization, management system, information system, and safety production standardization of the entire company's environmental safety to improve the company's safety production.


Implement responsibilities of safety production

Fully implement the safety production responsibilities of all employees, such as the legal responsibilities of the "top leader" and the "first responsible person" for safety production, the "dual responsibilities" of leading cadres, and the management responsibilities of the safety management department.


Conduct investigation and rectification of hidden danger

Carry out the activity of "opposition to illegal command, illegal operation, and labor discipline" to encourage all employees to actively participate in safety management, strictly abide by operating procedures, and identify hidden dangers around them.

Each industrial group, domestic and foreign base, and functional department should strengthen the organization and leadership of Safety Production Month activities according to the unified deployment of the company, create a production culture where everyone pays attention to safety, and transform the principle of "safety and environmental protection come first" into safety responsibility, measures, and capabilities for the safety of employees and high-quality development of the company.


The first responsible persons of industrial groups and subsidiaries made statements, and the attending leaders and cadres signed and made safety commitments.


Jin Daqing, as the assistant to the group president, presided over the meeting and announced the official launch of the Safety Production Month activity plan.


Wu Zhanjun, as the general manager of the group's safety and environmental management center, analyzed the current safety situation faced by the group and requested all personnel of the group to work together to actively avoid safety accidents for the company's better operation and production.


The company's assistant to the president and above leaders, leaders from industrial groups and functional departments at the department level or above, safety and environmental personnel, and other designated personnel attended this launching meeting. In addition to the main venue in Tongxiang, officials and all safety and environmental personnel from sub venues such as Quzhou, Guangxi, Tianjin, Chengdu, Nanjing, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe, and Indonesia attended the meeting through video live streaming.


Take proactive measures

To avoid accidents

As a leader in industry

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