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A Rise from 57th to 8th

2023/06/05 08:29
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Recently, the rankings for the 2022 Top 100 R&D Spender among A-share listed company in Zhejiang were announced, and Huayou emerged as the 8th position with an annual R&D investment of 1.709 billion yuan. Huayou experienced a remarkable rise of 49 places compared to the previous year.

"Technological innovation is the most valuable investment, yielding rapid and noticeable returns."  Chen Xuehua stated, Chairman of the Group, emphasizing Huayou's unswerving commitment to substantial investments and advancements in technological innovation. This statement highlights Huayou's unwavering dedication and determination to achieve significant progress in the field of technological innovation.


In recent years, Huayou has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to increasing its investment in scientific research, driving technological advancements, and implementing the "330" scientific research program. These efforts have led to a significant enhancement of its innovation capabilities. Notably, the Technology Center of Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Co., Ltd. has been acknowledged as a national enterprise technology center. Additionally, Huayou has been recognized as a "Superior Enterprise of State Intellectual Property Office" for the year 2022. Furthermore, Huayou New Energy Group has attained the status of a key enterprise research institute in Zhejiang Province. The project titled "Key Technology Research and Application of High Nickel Oxide Materials for High-Energy Density Power Batteries," spearheaded by Tianjin B&M Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has received the first prize of Tianjin Science and Technology Progress Award. Additionally, the Engineering Center of Tianjin B&M has been designated as the Tianjin New Lithium Battery Materials Engineering Research Center. Recently, Huayou New Energy Zhejiang Provincial Postdoctoral Workstation has successfully achieved the prestigious status of a national-level station. Moreover, the invention patent titled "A Method for Preparing Nickel Cobalt Manganese Hydroxide with Special Micro-Nano Structures" has been honored with the esteemed China Patent Excellence Award.


Huayou has maintained a strong presence in the mainstream market, serving major customers and capitalizing on supply chain development opportunities, consistently embracing Integrated Product Development (IPD), which have enhanced the precision and rapid responsiveness of its product research and development. Currently, numerous new precursors and cathode materials have successfully entered commercial production and are being delivered on a large scale. Significant breakthroughs have been achieved in high-voltage and high-nickel products. Additionally, several new precursors and cathode materials have been integrated into CATL's supply chain, enabling substantial supply volumes. Despite the downturn in demand for 3C consumer batteries, the development and mass production of various new products have fueled impressive growth for lithium cobalt oxide, defying market trends.


In terms of technological processes, Huayou has made significant efforts to implement "Six Integration" and promote the construction of smart parks, digital workshops, and future factories. These endeavors have resulted in continuous improvements in intelligent manufacturing capabilities and cost control levels, as well as enhanced innovation in technological processes.


Huayou has also prioritized the recruitment of scientific and technological talents, aiming to achieve comprehensive coverage of leading talents across the industrial chain. Currently, it boasts a total of 1,496 R&D personnel, accounting for 5.03% of Huayou's total workforce.  Furthermore, it has been designated as a pilot unit for independent evaluation and appointment of intermediate titles for engineering and technical personnel. Collaborative agreements have been established with several domestic universities to foster Industry • University • Research Linkage, taking external partnerships and exchanges to new heights.


Looking ahead, Huayou will remain committed to the belief that technology is the primary driver of productivity, and innovation is the key driving force. It will accelerate the implementation of its innovation-driven development strategy, establishing a science and technology innovation system that supports the industry, leads the future, promotes open collaboration, and fosters synergistic innovation. Huayou aims to cultivate an internationally renowned team of scientists, research platforms, and industry-leading technological capabilities, continuously shaping new drivers and advantages for development. Through technological innovation, Huayou will drive high-quality development and strive to become a leading force in the industry.

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