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Double Honors!

2023/05/29 08:31
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On May 25th, the 5th New Fortune Best Listed Companies Award Ceremony was held in Maoming, Guangdong. Huayou (603799) emerged as the standout among 4,719 A and B-share listed companies, earning the prestigious title of "Best Listed Company." Chairman Chen Xuehua of the group was acclaimed as the "Best Leader of a Listed Company."

The New Fortune Best Listed Companies Award, co-organized by New Fortune and GH-Rotman Center for Information and Capital Market Research, carries significant recognition and influence within the capital market. Its purpose is to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the information disclosure quality and reputation of Chinese listed companies, with a focus on identifying exemplary representatives who exemplify exceptional transparency and integrity.


According to reports, this year's selection process involved a sample of 4,719 listed companies. Among them, the top 500 companies with the highest "Transparency Index" scores were chosen as candidates for the award. Thorough investigations, both online and offline, were conducted on the candidate companies, leading to the final selection of 50 companies as the "New Fortune Best Listed Companies." The inclusion rate was a mere 1.06%. In addition, seven individuals were recognized as the "Best Leaders of Listed Companies."

▲ Wang Guangpu, the Director of the Group's Securities Management Department and the Securities Affairs Representative (fifth from the left), receiving the award on behalf of the company.


The selection of Huayouas the "New Fortune Best Listed Company" is a significant recognition from the capital market, highlighting Chairman Chen Xuehua's leadership and the company's commitment to the new energy lithium battery industry with a mission to "create customer value and lead industrial development." Huayouis dedicated to promoting green development and striving for a better future for humanity. This prestigious award recognizes the company's outstanding achievements in these areas.


As a world-leading company in integrated green manufacturing of new energy lithium battery materials, Huayouhas demonstrated a steadfast and progressive approach over the past year. The company has remained committed to prioritizing safety, emphasizing quality, driving innovation, and fostering industrial synergy. By focusing on leveraging overseas resources, bolstering domestic manufacturing capabilities, and expanding into global markets, Huayouhas achieved remarkable growth in production and sales volume. Furthermore, it has made significant progress in advancing project construction, expanding market share, enhancing innovation capabilities, and forging strategic collaborations. Huayou Cobalt's financial performance reflects these achievements, with an operating revenue of 63.034 billion yuan, representing an impressive year-on-year growth of 78.48%. The company also attained a net profit of 5.707 billion yuan, marking a substantial year-on-year growth of 41.83%. These outstanding results not only signify the company's best-ever business performance but also exemplify its robust development momentum.


In 2023, seizing the opportunity of being recognized as the "Best Listed Company," Huayouwill embark on a journey of further deepening its integrated industrial chain layout, enhancing its core competitiveness, and adapting to the current stage's characteristics. The company will proactively capitalize on development opportunities by implementing a strategic approach that emphasizes comprehensive coordination, strengthened safeguards, optimized structures, and effective risk management. It will prioritize enhancing the coordination between production, supply, and the market while ensuring the efficient alignment of resources, capacity, and demand. Furthermore, Huayouwill actively establish an ESG management system, emphasizing environmental, social, and governance aspects. It will also prioritize the localization of talent and bolster its international operational framework. By pursuing these initiatives, the company aims to propel itself towards the successful achievement of its "Ten-Year Mission" within a five-year timeframe. Concurrently, it remains committed to contributing to the global energy transition and the realization of the "dual-carbon" goals, thus playing its part in addressing climate change and promoting sustainable development.

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