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Upgraded to National Level!

2023/05/29 08:12
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Recently, the National Postdoctoral Management Committee Office announced the list of newly established research stations for the second batch of postdoctoral research work in 2022. Huayou New Energy Zhejiang Provincial Postdoctoral Workstation has successfully achieved the prestigious status of a national-level station.


Established in 2016, Huayou New Energy Technology (Quzhou) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Co., Ltd. It serves as a prominent industrial base for the parent company's lithium battery new materials. The company is primarily dedicated to the research and manufacturing of various types of ternary cathode precursor products, which find extensive applications in the fields of new energy vehicles and energy storage systems.

By cultivating an innovative research platform, Huayou New Energy strives to drive industrial advancements through technological innovation.


Science and technology lay the foundation for strength, and innovation drives progress. The company has established a comprehensive system for science and technology innovation, encompassing various research institutes and centers at the provincial and municipal levels. These include the Zhejiang Provincial Key Enterprise Research Institute for High-Performance Power Battery Materials Intelligent Manufacturing, Zhejiang Provincial Enterprise Research Institute for Lithium Battery New Energy Materials, Huayou New Energy Lithium Battery Materials Provincial High-Tech Enterprise Research and Development Center, Zhejiang Provincial Enterprise Technology Center, Zhejiang Provincial Postdoctoral Workstation, Quzhou City Enterprise Technology Center, Quzhou City Engineering Technology Research Center, and more. In 2018, the company was recognized as a national-level high-tech enterprise, and it successfully underwent re-certification in 2021. Furthermore, it gained approval as a national-level specialized, refined, distinctive, and new "Little Giant" firm in the same year.


The company has placed a strong emphasis on independent development while also incorporating a strategy of technology transfer and absorption. As a result of these efforts, the company has successfully overcome significant technological challenges in the production of power battery materials, specifically in the synthesis of ternary cathode materials. Its expertise in precursor synthesis technology and state-of-the-art process equipment ensures the exceptional quality and outstanding performance of its products. To foster innovation, the company has established various platforms, created favorable conditions, and implemented effective mechanisms to attract and nurture talent. Through continuous technological advancements, the company has been instrumental in driving industry upgrades, addressing the weak links in the domestic new energy vehicle industry supply chain, and enhancing the overall competitiveness of the industry. Its contributions have had a positive ripple effect, promoting the healthy growth of the new energy vehicle industry not only within the province but also nationwide.

Prioritizing Talent, Advancing Technological Innovation to New Heights


To achieve a high level of technological self-reliance, it is crucial to have a pool of highly skilled and innovative talent. The company prides itself on having a world-class research and innovation team in the field of ternary precursor and cathode materials, consisting of leading professionals in the domestic industry. The team members possess esteemed professional titles and ranks, impressive educational backgrounds, diverse academic expertise, and complementary specialties. Recognized as a Key Innovation Team by Quzhou City, they have established fruitful industry-academia collaborations with esteemed universities and research institutes such as Zhejiang University, Beijing Institute of Technology, and the Institute of Process Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The company's research and development team, comprising technical experts, has successfully trained two postdoctoral fellows and plans to accept three more in the future. They have undertaken over 40 scientific and technological projects, filed more than 80 national patent applications, and been granted over 50 authorized patents.


Increasing Research Investment, Building a World-Class Technologically Advanced Enterprise


As a national-level high-tech enterprise, the company is committed to continuously enhancing its science and technology innovation system. With a focus on the development strategy of "Leading in product and cost competitiveness," the company actively fosters technological innovation. By making significant investments in research and development, the company facilitates a virtuous cycle of innovation, driving the development and production of cutting-edge products.

Looking ahead, the company will persistently strengthen its research and development foundation, aiming to achieve three key objectives: establishing an internationally renowned scientific and technological team, creating world-class research platforms, and attaining industry-leading technological capabilities.

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