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Tongxiang Times’ Lithium Battery Materials Project Breaks Ground!

2023/05/29 08:04
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Tongxiang welcomes another significant industrial project. Today, on May 17th, with the "commencement order" given by Chen Wei, the Secretary of the Jiaxing Municipal Party Committee, the Tongxiang Times’ Lithium Battery Materials Project officially began construction on the south side of the Development Zone (Gaoqiao Street). Attending the groundbreaking ceremony were Ni Huping, the Deputy Mayor of Jiaxing City, Shen Yuxiang, the Secretary-General of the Jiaxing Municipal Party Committee, and Tongxiang municipal leaders Yu Huiyou, Wang Jian, Chen Lingen, Tu Jianzhong, among others.

 Secretary Chen Wei of Jiaxing Municipal Party Committee Announces Commencement


In recent years, the new energy vehicle industry has been flourishing, and the cathode materials industry, which plays a crucial role in lithium batteries, has also witnessed rapid growth. The Tongxiang Times’ Lithium Battery Project aims to capitalize on this momentum and is strategically aligned with the development of emerging industries prioritized at the national level. The project envisions the construction of facilities with an annual production capacity of 200,000 tons of nickel sulfate, 400,000 tons of lithium battery ternary precursors, and 50,000 tons of ternary cathode materials. It is projected to be completed and operational by 2026, thereby generating approximately 5,500 job opportunities.

 Project Renderings


The Times’ Lithium Battery Materials Project, which has commenced construction, is a prominent provincial industrial project characterized by its large-scale and high-level industrial structure. It showcases the distinct features of an integrated "chain" and demonstrates advantages in technological advancement, integrated planning, and carbon reduction. Leveraging the comprehensive industrial chain layout of the company and utilizing several core technologies with significant independent intellectual property rights, the project aims to establish an intelligent water and land transportation logistics system and integrate a central digital control center. Its goal is to build an industry-leading park and a smart, low-carbon park that excels in cost, products, and technology. The project aims to create a modern material factory that embodies flexibility and platform integration. The construction of this project will provide robust support for the development of the new energy vehicle industry, strengthen the lithium battery materials industry chain, and contribute to the overall regional development of Tongxiang.


In his speech, Yu Huiyou, the Secretary of the Tongxiang Municipal Party Committee, emphasized the significance of this solid and significant step in implementing the directives of the Provincial Party Committee, which focus on "innovation and deepening, reform and breakthrough, opening up and enhancement." He also highlighted the vision of the Jiaxing Municipal Party Committee to build a city strong in intelligent manufacturing and innovation. This project holds great milestone significance for Tongxiang as it accelerates the optimization and upgrading of its industrial structure.


Yu Huiyou highlighted Tongxiang's commitment to the motto of "no economy, no Tongxiang" and the implementation of a robust strategy to build a strong industrial city. The city has been focusing on the development of intelligent automobiles, intelligent computing, intelligent sensing, and industrial internet to drive the transformation of its traditional industries. The goal is to establish a diversified industrial structure represented by the "1+3+1+X" framework. The large-scale industries have achieved a total industrial output value of nearly 240 billion yuan, with the core manufacturing value in the digital economy exceeding 25 billion yuan and the output value of the new materials industry surpassing 110 billion yuan.


"As the Party Committee and the government, we are fully committed to the 'NO.1 Reform Project' to optimize and enhance the business environment. We will wholeheartedly support the new round of enterprise development, aiming for early completion, early production, and early results of projects," stated Yu Huiyou. He expressed his hope that this project will serve as a catalyst for enterprises to achieve further growth in business performance, enhance technological capabilities, and explore new possibilities through open collaboration. He encouraged them to seize the vast opportunities in the new energy sector and strive to become a global leader in new energy lithium battery materials. Yu Huiyou emphasized the importance of making significant contributions to Tongxiang's high-quality development.


Tongxiang is actively prioritizing the attraction of major and high-quality projects. With billion-level projects as the driving force, Tongxiang is diligently implementing the "652" project to expand effective investments and activate new growth engines for industrial development. According to data, from January to April, 210 major projects have commenced construction in the city, achieving an overall start rate of 82.0%. The total investment has reached 10.86 billion yuan, accounting for 34.2% of the annual plan.

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