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Here comes an audio-visual feast! The Strivers Good Voice Global Finals 2023 concluded perfectly!

2023/05/26 15:51
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On the evening of April 26, the "Youthful Huayou, Resonating with Dreams" - the grand global finals of Strivers Good Voice Singing Competition 2023 were held. A total of 25 (groups) from Huayou Global took to the stage one after another, showcasing the high spirits of Huayou strivers and the glory and emotion on their triumphant journey. Chen Xuehua, Chairman of the Group, Vice Presidents Zhang Binghai, Zhou Qifa, Hu Yanhui, and company leaders at the level of President's Assistant or above from Tongxiang headquarters attended the event on site.

Tongxiang is filled with heavenly melodies, as the striving Huayou people perform the magnificent chapters of the times. "Keep running, despite the cold eyes and ridicule, or how can we feel the vastness of life without experiencing hardships" "Today, I will head towards the distant victory, I will make the world surge for me" "I won't fear that one day there's only you with me, still free to be myself, forever singing my song"...Songs like "Dream Chasers", "The Young Battlefield", and "Boundless Sky" have represented the entrepreneurial spirit of Huayou, facing difficulties and striving for self-improvement; "A piece of scale, an inch of heart, the story is so uncertain that I can't bear to hear it, the fate of the nation has once again been revived with heads held high" "Walking beside the setting sun river, looking up at the sky, the lingering smoke from the cooking fires brings sorrow of homesickness"..."The Coordinates of the Soul," "Dragons Standing Upright Between the Heaven and Earth," and "Homesickness" were performed with deep emotion, not only touching the softest part of the audience's hearts but also singing about the Huayou people's journey to build their dreams and achieve progress with a strong sense of patriotism. Six contestants from Indonesia and Africa brought a feast of exotic audiovisual performances through video recordings, showcasing the Huayou people's spirit of "making friendships around the world" and their pursuit of open development and progress.

On the night of global finals, singers competed for supremacy, with their voice transcending the vast expanse, reaching the heights of the sky. The deep and powerful or high and ethereal voices, melodious and passionate singing, and distinctive styles with both ethnic and popular elements have won countless thunderous applause from the audience. The shouts of encouragement, cheers, and praises, along with the dazzling stage lights, glow sticks in hand, and eye-catching signs, intertwined together. At the same time, interactive activities such as identifying songs and guest performances were interspersed throughout the event, creating the most unforgettable and beautiful scenery of the night.


As long as you persevere and work hard, you can find your own audience among the vast sea of people even if your voice is the slightest. After a fierce on-site competition, and through the on-site scoring by professional judges and voting by the public jury, the top ten performances were selected:


First Prize Performances

"Coordinates of the Soul" by Luo Peizu from New Energy Industry Group


"Qinghai-Tibet Plateau" by Chen Jiajia from Group Enterprise Culture Management Center


Second Prize Performances


"Angel in the Devil" by Wang Mengdie from New Energy Industry Group

"Homesickness" by Ma Shengli from New Energy Industry Group

"Dare to Ask Where Is the Way" by Zhang Bin from Group Administration Center


Third Prize Performances


"Unrestrained River" by Xu Fukang from New Material Industry Group

"Dragons Standing Upright Between the Sky and Earth" by Cai Qijiang from New Material Industry Group

"My Secret" by Zhang Qi from New Energy Industry Group

Tak Pernah Padam

"Tak Pernah Padam"

Wira Perdana Damanik from Indonesia Nickel Industry Group


Easy On Me

"Easy On Me"

Selvina Astuti from Indonesia Nickel Industry Group


Youthful Huayou, Resonating with Dreams. In the season filled with blooming flowers, Huayou people from all over the world come together to sing the song of progress. Since mid-March, the eight major competition areas of Huayou have undergone intense contests, with nearly 300 contestants joining in from various locations, from the coast of Bohai to the land of abundance, from the banks of Qujiang River to the land of Guangxi, from the elegant city Tongxiang to the realm of a thousand islands. The melody of Huayou resonates around the world. After fierce competition, 25 finalists have been selected.


"Dreams gather all the light in the direction guided by the stars, and tread through thousands of mountains and rivers to pursue the ideals in our hearts." At the end of the singing competition, all the contestants and staff came on stage to sing the anthem of Huayou, singing the dreams, paying tribute to the struggling years with music, and once again bringing the climax of the whole event.

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