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Bank-Enterprise Cooperation Has Risen to a New Level! Banking Consortium Promotion Meeting for lPT HUAFEI NICKEL COBALT 120,000-ton Nickel Cobalt Hydroxide Nonsolvent Induce Phase Separation Project Held in Quzhou

2023/05/26 15:46
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On April 27, the banking consortium promotion meeting for the lPT HUAFEI NICKEL COBALT 120,000-ton Nickel Cobalt Hydroxide Nonsolvent Induce Phase Separation Project was held in Huayou Quzhou Industrial Park. Representatives from 8 financial institutions, including the Export-Import Bank of China Zhejiang Branch, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Zhejiang Branch, the CITIC Prudential Life Zhejiang Branch, the CITIC Bank Hangzhou Branch, the Minsheng Bank Hangzhou Branch, the Everbright Bank Hangzhou Branch, the Ping An Bank Hangzhou Branch, and the China Merchants Bank Shanghai Branch attended the meeting; Chen Hongliang, the Group President, participated on-site, while Gao Baojun, the Group's Senior Vice President, as well as representatives from the Industrial and Commercial Bank (Indonesia) Limited, China Merchants Bank Singapore Branch, Huizhou EVE Energy Co., Ltd, and Indonesia Nickel Industry Group attended the meeting online. Group Vice President Qian Xiaoping chaired the meeting.

Jiang Yangping, vice president of the Export-Import Bank of China Zhejiang Branch, said that all parties of the consortium should strengthen communication and cooperation, accelerate the progress of work according to the schedule, and project shareholders should actively fulfill their respective responsibilities, jointly making the HUAFEI project a benchmark for the "going global" and Zhejiang's "sweet potato economy" No. 1 opening project for private multinational corporations in Zhejiang Province.

"We are full of confidence in Huayou's future development and look forward to the win-win cooperation of HUAFEI project", said Nie Jing, vice president of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Zhejiang Branch. ICBC has always provided the best quality service to help enterprises grow and expand. It is hoped that various financial institutions will strengthen cooperation, support Huayou Group's high-quality and sustainable development, and achieve win-win results for all parties.


Representatives from other participating financial institutions in the HUAFEI project consortium said that HUAFEI project has globally leading technology, a "green + ecological" design concept, and multiple advantages such as low cost, low energy consumption, environmental protection, and low carbon emissions. They hope that the HUAFEI project will become another brilliant pearl in the field of non-ferrous metal smelting technology following the HUAYUE project. In the future, they will continue to support the development of Huayou, accelerate the approval progress of the HUAFEI consortium project, and hope the consortium financing can be implemented as soon as possible.

"With the strong support of our friends in the financial sector, we have the confidence and determination to maintain high-performance growth, high-quality development, and high-level openness, always striving to become the global leader in new energy lithium battery materials!" Chen Hongliang introduced the companys overview, including operating conditions and Huayou's Indonesia project. He hopes that all parties will continue to provide strong support for projects such as HUAFEI to help Huayou grasp the characteristics of each stage, seize development opportunities, strive for advancementexcellence, quality improving and take the lead in creating a world-class enterprise.


The purpose of this promotion meeting is to showcase the latest progress of the HUAFEI project, and seek new opportunities for cooperation between banks and enterprises in the fields of new energy lithium battery materials industry and overseas nickel resources projects. Up to now, the financing intention amount of the participating financial institutions for the HUAFEI project has exceeded 2 billion US dollars, the approved quota has reached 500 million US dollars, and both banks and enterprises have reached a consensus on the formation of the consortium in May and the disbursement of funds in July, marking a new step in the win-win cooperation between banks and enterprises.

▲ President Chen Hongliang accompanied the attending guests to visit Huayou Quzhou Industrial Park.


Fu Jianguo, Executive Deputy General Manager of lPT HUAFEI NICKEL COBALT, introduced the progress of the project.


Before the meeting, the guests visited Huayou Quzhou Industrial Park to learn about Huayou's global business layout, technology research and development of each sector, process flow, main products, and competitive advantages. 

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