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Lv Qi, Head of Jiaxing Customs, and his delegation Visited Huayou Headquarters for Investigation and Guidance

2023/03/06 13:31
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On February 22, 2023, Lv Qi, Secretary of the Party Committee of Jiaxing Customs and Head of Jiaxing Customs, and his delegation Visited Huayou Headquarters for investigation. Chen Xuehua, Chairman of Huayou Group, warmly received them.


During the discussion, Lv Qi, Head of Jiaxing Customs, highly affirmed the achievements of Huayou and the measures and progress in its customs compliance management. He said that Huayou had boldly practiced and innovated in its import and export business, created its business out of nothing, and pursued excellence. He encouraged Huayou to continue to maintain a good momentum of development, and further build the benchmark of the new energy industry in the process of building a modern logistics system, in a bid to realize from pilot to demonstration, and success in its first attempt. In order to actively support the development of enterprises, Jiaxing Customs will, as always, provide them with "personalized customization" and "personalized services". In the future, Jiaxing Customs will continue to strengthen exchanges and communication with Huayou, adopt the special contact system to handle Huayou's problems in the development process, adopt the One Project One Discussion method, provide special solutions for different enterprises and provide key support and services to ensure the high-quality development of enterprises in the context of the vigorous development of the new energy Li-ion battery industry.

Chairman Chen Xuehua reported to Head of Jiaxing Customs Lv Qi from three aspects including Huayou's basic situation, overseas investment and development planning, and expressed his gratitude to Jiaxing Customs for their strong support to Huayou in its development process. Chairman Chen Xuehua said that Huayou is at the critical period of the construction and development during the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-2025). Huayou went global as early as 2003 and overcame resource shortage by marching into the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa. In 2018, Huayou went to Indonesia to develop nickel ore deposits, which is important for the long-term development and layout of the company. According to the company's medium and long-term development plan, Huayou has further developed lithium resources in Argentina and Africa, and completed the "three-in-one" transformation path of "Controlling the Resources Upstream, Developing the Markets Downstream, Enhancing the Capability from Within". In its development process, Huayou has maintained close contact with Jiaxing Customs. As an export-oriented enterprise, Huayou has encountered many difficulties and challenges in the process of internationalization, and has accumulated valuable experience. We are very grateful to the leaders of Jiaxing Customs for their support and recognition of Huayou, and hope that Jiaxing Customs can continue to support our development.

Assistant President Zhang Shengguan, reported the current customs management situation of Huayou to Head of Jiaxing Customs Lv Qi, and hoped that Jiaxing Customs could strengthen policy guidance and comprehensively promote the construction of Huayou Customs Compliance System.

Before the discussion, Head of Jiaxing Customs Lv Qi and his delegation also visited Huayou Exhibition Hall to understand the development, industrial layout, production process, product applications and other relevant information of Huayou.

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