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Gathering Consensus and Strength to Draw a New Chapter of Guangxi Li-ion Battery Project

2023/02/13 14:55
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On February 3, 2023, the CPC Yulin Municipal Committee and Yulin Municipal Government held the Guangxi Li-ion Battery Project Construction Promotion Meeting at Guangxi Huayou Command Center. At the promotion meeting, the construction, production and operation of the project in 2022 were systematically summarized, the difficulties in the project promotion process were studied and discussed, and the key works in 2023 were deployed. Mo Hua, Secretary of the CPC Yulin Municipal Committee of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and Chen Xuehua, Chairman of Huayou Group, attended the meeting, which was presided over by Bai Songtao, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Yulin Municipal Committee and Mayor of Yulin City.

Mo Hua mentioned that over the past two years, Huayou, with its diligence, efforts and wisdom, has drawn a new chapter in the history of Yulin industrial development, showing Huayou's vision of serving the country through industry and sounding the bugle to strive to be the global leader in the industry. Through joint efforts for more than two years, Yulin City has witnessed Huayou's advanced concept, great vitality and sheer tenacity. He expressed his expectation that Huayou would continue to make unremitting efforts to achieve the three major targets of 2023 in a full sprint from the beginning of the year and that Huayou would create new brilliance astounding to the country and the world in the new journey of Chinese path to modernization. Mo Hua also said that Yulin City would continue to bring all its energies to serve and guarantee the construction quality of Huayou's investment project in the city, further speed up and increase efficiency in coordinating and solving difficult problems, promote the early commencement of construction and production of Li-ion Battery Project Phase II to produce the desired results, and build a world-class Li-ion battery manufacturing town together with Huayou.

Chen Xuehua, Chairman of Huayou, said that the year 2022 was a groundbreaking year for Huayou to make many new breakthroughs in production, construction and technology, obtaining a series of landmark achievements, and a remarkable year to increase openness and cooperation, showing a strong momentum of development. After accumulating strength in development in 2022, Huayou will accelerate the development speed in 2023. Under the macro development situation of the industry, Huayou will firmly grasp the stage characteristics, seize the industrial opportunities, promote development driven by cost and technology, and give full play to the development mode and industrial advantages of "two gatherings and two bases". Moreover, it will also actively gather consensus and strength with the CPC Yulin Municipal Committee and Yulin Municipal Government, boost the implementation of elements, speed up the project construction, and strive for advancement, excellence, and quality improvement, thus creating new achievements for Yulin City to build the "Two Bay Areas" Integration Pilot Demonstration Zone and for Guangxi to Strengthening marine development strategy and build a magnificent Guangxi in a new era.

The meeting was also attended by Zou Yupeng, Member of the Standing Committee and Secretary-General of the CPC Yulin Municipal Committee, Shi Hongyan, Vice Mayor of Yulin City, Zhou Yinzhang, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Bobai County Committee and Governor of Bobai County, Wang Li, Deputy Secretary of Yulin Longtan Industrial Park Working Committee and heads of relevant units in Yulin City.

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