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Strive for a New Journey to Usher in a New Glory-- Huayou Cobalt Won Many Honors at the Three-level Cadres' Conference of Tongxiang City!

2023/02/04 10:39
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Diligence is the top priority for everything. On January 27, the three-level cadres' conference and the "seven major projects" mobilization conference designed for economic stability and quality improvement were held at Tongxiang City. The conference summarized the achievements, commended the advanced collectives and individuals, set the goals and gave encouragement, striving to make "a steady and good start" in 2023 and usher in a productive year. Leaders who attended the conference are Yu Huiyou, Secretary of Tongxiang Municipal Party Committee, Wang Jian, Deputy Secretary of Tongxiang Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Tongxiang City.

Chen Xuehua, Chairman of the Group,

won the titles of 2022 Top 10 Industrial Enterprise Excellent Operators 

2022 Leading Entrepreneur and Innovation Talent

The Group was rated as

2022 Top Ten Industrial Enterprises with Outstanding Contributions,

2022 Leading Enterprise in Entrepreneurship and Innovation",

Enterprise with Outstanding Contributions in Tax Payment in 2022,

2022 Top Ten Industrial Enterprises with Average Tax per mu of Area,

2022 Excellent Enterprise in Digital Economy Development,

2022 Outstanding Enterprise in Talent Work,

2022 Excellent Enterprise in Foreign Trade Export

Zhejiang Huayou Import and Export Co., Ltd. was rated as

 and Excellent Enterprise in the Service Industry in 2022

Group Chairman Chen Xuehua took a seat at the rostrum and made a speech.

Group Chairman Chen Xuehua (the fifth from the left) stepped on the stage to receive the award

Group Vice President Zhang Binghai (the third from the right) stepped on the stage to receive the award on behalf of the company

Zhang Jianhong (the fourth from the left), assistant to the President of the Group, received the award on behalf of the company

"The tide of the times is mighty, and only the trendsetters can stand up to the tide; the wheel of history rolls forward, and only the strivers can take the lead forever." Secretary Yu Huiyou delivered a speech at the conference. He said that today's meeting was the first meeting held in the city after the Chinese New Year. The meeting not only commended advanced persons so as to stimulate morale, but also mobilized people to strive for achievements in the whole year. At today's meeting, entrepreneurs were invited to the rostrum to create a strong atmosphere of paying tribute to, respecting and serving entrepreneurs. In the past unusual year, the people in the whole city seized the day and worked hard, reaping their hard-won results. As for how to further promote the new round of high-quality development in Tongxiang, we need to continue to center on the "four questions" proposed in the last Tongxiang three-level cadres' conference, free our minds, and further lift the enterprising spirit. On the new journey, Yu Huiyou put forward his sincere hopes to the entrepreneurs of Tongxiang. By fully grasping the opportunity of the post-epidemic era, based on their own situations and relying on the characteristics of differentiation, the entrepreneurs should maintain a cautious and optimistic attitude towards the future, keep their "ambitious" spirits, show their "ambitious" momentum, and improve their ability for "ambitious" goals, continue to enhance comparative advantages, drive development with innovation, and make innovation the main engine of enterprise development, so as to make the enterprises bigger and stronger, and jointly drive Tongxiang City towards a more brilliant future through overcoming obstacles!

"We are all strivers in this era." Chairman Chen Xuehua expressed his gratitude to the Tongxiang Municipal Party Committee and the Tongxiang municipal government for their long-term care and support for the cause of Huayou. Mr. Chen said that in 2022, Huayou made steady and fast progress, thus realizing a historic leap from one of the top 500 private enterprises in China's manufacturing industry to one of the top 500 private enterprises in China. 2023 is the first year to fully implement the principles of the 20th CPC National Congress. In the process of increasing concentration of the industry and forming the industrial pattern, Huayou will continue to strive for excellence, improve the quality of investment and enhance its position in the industry, and respond to any change with its original aspiration. In the beginning of 2023, Huayou set general goals, that is, further improvement of economic benefits, further expansion of market share, further enhancement of scientific and technological capacity, further acceleration of project construction and park development, further openness and cooperation and further breakthroughs in overseas layout. Through achieving these goals, Huayou strives to become a world-class enterprise with high-quality development, in a bid to boost the economic and social development of Tongxiang City and lead the way for common prosperity and provincial-level modernization.

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