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Zhang Xiaolei, Director of Tongxiang Municipal Bureau of Commerce, accompanied the investigation. Chen Hongliang, President of Huayou Group, and Zhang Binghai, Vice President of Huayou Group, attended the symposium.

2023/01/30 17:24
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On January 12, 2023, Feng Xiaogen, Member of the Standing Committee of Tongxiang Municipal Party Committee and Director of Tongxiang Municipal Organization Department, led a team of several people to visit Huayou Headquarters to see the four top-notch talents, including Chen Xuehua, Chairman of Huayou Group, Wang Lihua, President of the Institute for Frontier Materials, Feng Zimin, Director of the Computational Materials Institute, and Shi Geng Gong Wo, Director of the Experimental Center of the Institute for Frontier Materials and sent them flowers and gifts to show the care of Tongxiang Municipal Party Committee and Tongxiang Municipal Government for them.

Feng Xiaogen highly praised the outstanding achievements of Huayou Cobalt in the past 20 years for going global from Tongxiang City, developing from the cobalt industry to the new energy lithium battery industry, and changing from a small and medium-sized enterprise to a top 500 private enterprise in China. Huayou cannot achieve such impressive performance, become an outstanding representative of local enterprises, and develop into a leading enterprise in the industry without the wisdom and strength of the talents and especially the contribution of top-notch talents. Feng Xiaogen said that Tongxiang Municipal Party Committee and Tongxiang Municipal Government have always put the economy first, attached great importance to and supported the development of private enterprises. He hoped that Huayou can stimulate the vitality of talents to the greatest extent to gather powerful forces, and that Tongxiang Municipal Party Committee and Tongxiang Municipal Government will also do a good job in providing service guarantee, implementing special actions for offering talent service, innovating service methods for professional and technical talents, continuing to optimize the business environment and talent cultivation environment of enterprises, and promoting the spanning development of enterprises. Therefore, they can together contribute to the wisdom and strength of Huayou for the high-quality development of Zhejiang Province and implementing the talent highland strategy of Tongxiang City!

Chairman Chen Xuehua said that talents are the foundation of a century-old enterprise. Since its establishment, Huayou has been working tirelessly to promote the growth of its employees and create a "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" platform for them to start up new businesses and generate income. Huayou has shared success with those who had created value and shared risks, thus helping Huayou staff realize their aspiration for ability improvement, income growth and a better life.

"Huayou has always respected talents, implemented the strategy of giving priority to the development of talents, and integrated global talent resources," Chairman Chen Xuehua said. Based on the present and looking forward to the future as well as benchmarking itself against the world's top 500 enterprises in talent introduction, Huayou has introduced the industry's top technical experts, seasoned management elites, and experienced market talents, and built an excellent Huayou team and a series of scientific and technological innovation platforms leading the development of the industry. Meanwhile, Huayou has provided growth opportunities and built an enabling platform for highly self-motivated talents with excellent working ability and consistent values, thus making Huayou successful with leading talents and promoting high-quality development with pioneering talents.

Lan Yamin, Secretary of Gaoqiao Subdistrict Party Committee, Tongxiang City, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Tongxiang Economic Development Zone and Director of the Management Committee of Tongxiang Economic Development Zone, Shang Tao, Deputy Director of Tongxiang Municipal Organization Department and Executive Deputy Director of the Talent Office of Tongxiang Municipal Party Committee, and other relevant leaders accompanied the inspection.


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