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Huayou Cobalt was Awarded with "Leading Enterprise of High-quality Development" of World Zhejiang Entrepreneurs!

2023/01/11 11:15
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Make entrepreneurship and innovation in every market, and make concerted efforts to empower Zhejiang.The 6th World Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Convention with the theme of "New Era, New Journey, New Leap" was opened in the Great Hall of the People of Zhejiang Province on December23, at which the "Leading Enterprises of High-quality Development" were ceremoniously commended.Zhejiang Provincial Party Secretary Yi Lianhong attended the conference and delivered an important speech.Huayou Cobalt was awarded the "Leading Enterprise of High-quality Development" at 20th anniversary of the group. Wang Hao, Deputy Secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Governor, presented award to Huayou Cobalt.The group's Vice Chairman and Senior Vice President Fang Qixue accepted the award on behalf of Huayou Cobalt.

▲ The group's Vice Chairman and Senior Vice President Fang Qixue (second from left) accepted the award on the stage on behalf of Huayou Cobalt

The World Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Convention, known as the largest, highest-standard and most influential Zhejiang grant event for the Zhejiang merchants, is also an important strategic platform for the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and Zhejiang Provincial People's Government to support entrepreneurship and innovation of the Zhejiang merchants.

The conference aimed to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the CPC and General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech, important expositions and instructions on the development of the private economy and the work of Zhejiang, at the Central United Front Work Conference, and fully implement the decisions and deployments of the Central Economic Work Conference and the 15th Provincial Party Congress, the Second Plenary Session of the 15th Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Party Committee Economic Work Conference, and the Provincial Party Committee United Front Work Conference, and to unite and lead the majority of Zhejiang merchants to keep the "red roots" and faithfully implement the "88 strategy" ", resolutely stay in the "two maintenances", fully promote the new leap of the private economy in the new era, and be the vanguard of the "two pioneers" in high-quality development, thus contributing wisdom to the comprehensive construction of a socialist modern country and the comprehensive promotion of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Since its establishment, Huayou, led by high-quality development all the time, has insisted in the business essence of creating value for customers, implemented the development strategy of "Two New Areas and Three Trends", promoted the transformation and upgrading of "Three in One", adhered to the development model of "park-based industries and enterprises clustering and integration", to form an integrated industrial structure from resources, refining, materials to recycling, build an operating pattern based on the overseas resources, domestic manufacturing, and global marketing, which contributes it to a multinational corporate with an operating income of more than RMB 48 billion and ranking in top 500 private enterprises in China, even more a creator of customer value, a driver of industrial growth, and a credit to the human society development!

The company is always committed to high-quality development driven by innovation. As a national high-tech enterprise, it boasts not only 20-year R&D and production experience of Li-ion battery materials but also many research platforms and R&D institutions such as national enterprise technology center, national postdoctoral workstation and Zhejiang key enterprise research institute. Adhering to the R&D philosophy of "one step leading others", the company has continuously increased investment in scientific research, strengthened the introduction of scientific and technological talents, and accelerated technological progress in recent years to pursue the product development sequence of "mass production followed by development, backed by reserve", laying a solid foundation for the enterprise to advance steadily to high-tech and high-quality.

Where to invest

Where to contribute to the local economy and society

In DRC, Huayou has positively participated in local infrastructure construction and provided nearly 2,000 employment posts for the local people. In Indonesia, Huayou has provided jobs for over 10,000 Indonesians during the construction and operation of the Huayue Project, which enhanced the friendship between China and Indonesia. In this August, the company was awarded "Best Investment Deal Award" at Zimbabwe Annual Investor Forum 2022. In China, the company contributes to the poverty alleviation, rural revitalization and common prosperity with its sincerity. For example, it donated RMB 20 million (keep capital and donate interest) to Quzhou Charity Federation to underlay the common prosperity cause. In addition, Huayou Cobalt donated RMB 50 million Common Prosperity Charity Fund for rural revitalization, serious illness insurance for low-income families and education development in Tongxiang at its 20th anniversary of establishment.

▲ The Huayou Common Prosperity Charity Donate Ceremony on July 29, 2022

▲ The Huayou Common Prosperity Charity Special Fund Donate Ceremony on December 19, 2022

en manufacturing integration of new energy Li-ion battery materials and an action model of ESG listed company, Huayou Cobalt will always take "creating customer value and leading industrial development" as its mission to stay in transformational, open, innovative, green and common development. It will also keep in fulfilling its solemn commitment of creating value for its customers, achieving growth for its employees, bringing rewards to its shareholders, making contributions to the industry and taking responsibility for the society. Huayou Cobalt will be committed to promoting green development and creating a better future for mankind. The company is determined to take the 20th anniversary of the Group as a new starting point and grasp the opportunity of winning the "Leading Enterprise of High-quality Development" award of World Zhejiang Entrepreneurs to promote new leaps in high-quality development with high-level opening for co-building a win-win future with all walks of life.

It was reported that a total of more than 780 guests attended the main activities of the conference, among which there were more than 660 representatives of Zhejiang entrepreneurs. Representatives of Fortune 500 companies, China's top 500 private enterprises, central enterprises and provincial state-owned enterprises, well-known Zhejiang entrepreneurs and competitors from 31 provinces (municipalities, autonomous regions), and overseas Zhejiang entrepreneurs, as well as foreign entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan operating in the mainland, high-level talents, famous experts and scholars, relevant social organizations and research institutions attended the conference. Other Zhejiang entrepreneurs, competitors, Chinese entrepreneurs watched the conference through TV and online live broadcast.

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