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Rooted in the China, Making Friends All over the World. Striving forward for the Great Cause of Building Huayou into A Century-old Enterprise - Holding the Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Huayou

2022/12/29 13:44
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On December 19, 2022, the Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Huayou Cobalt was grandly held in Tongxiang City. Representatives of our customers and suppliers, as well as our friends from relevant financial institutions, securities institutions and media institutions, met in Tongxiang City to celebrate the 20th anniversary, recall the years of coexistence, share feelings of growth, and appreciate their company along the way.

Chen Xuehua, Chairman of Huayou Group, delivered a speech entitled "Rooted in the China, Making Friends All over the World. Striving forward for the Great Cause of Building Huayou into A Century-old Enterprise" at the celebration.

Twenty years have passed since then. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the founding of Huayou, at the moment of witnessing the growth of Huayou, sharing the joy of success, and looking forward to the bright future, Chairman Chen Xuehua first expressed warm welcome and sincere thanks to all the leaders and guests present here! I wish all the staff happy on Huayou's birthday!

"After 20 years of struggle, like a boat sailing from Yongxing River turning into a giant ship sailing on the Pacific Ocean, Huayou has successfully developed market in Congo, Qujiang and Nanliu." Chairman Chen Xuehua said with passion in his speech that on October 29, 2002, light rain fell in Tongxiang City. It was on that rainy day twenty years ago that the foundation stone laying ceremony was held at No.18, Wuzhen East Road, Tongxiang Economic Development Zone. At this moment, with great joy, we would like invite you to look back on the road of our growth, we wish to show our gratitude, and pool our efforts, so as to draw experience and inspiration from history and grasp the future.

"Today, we can clearly see the growth path of Huayou. However, if we go back to the past, we would see the ups and downs along the way and the choices at the crossroads." Chairman Chen Xuehua said that over the past 20 years, Huayou has always kept the original aspiration of "being the best or nothing", always kept the faith of "rooted in China, making friends all over the world", and always followed the spirit of "constantly striving to become stronger and pursuing excellence". Starting from Tongxiang, insisting on transformation and development, open development, innovative development, green development and common development, Huayou has developed its business into Quzhou City and Guangxi Province, and then Africa and Indonesia market through great efforts, creating a growth path with Huayou characteristics, and being able to create customer value, promote industrial growth and contribute to the development of human society!

"Time will turn your effort to great future. "We are grateful for your company, let's grow together." Chairman Chen said that Huayou's growth can not be separated from the concern and support of all sectors of society. Over the past 20 years, Huayou has been in company on the way forward. Along the way, we have experienced too many hardships, and also been moved for countless times. By helping each other wholeheartedly, we, our partners, our suppliers and our friends from financial institutions have built friendship, warming us up each day and making us forge ahead ceaselessly.

Over the past 20 years, we have always been touched and grateful. We are grateful for the great motherland and the great era, the care and concern of leaders at all levels, the trust and support of partners, the great help from all sectors of society, and the silent support of friends and their families.

Only with a heart of gratitude can we unit our efforts to make progress. By uniting efforts, our road of development and growth will be wider. Chairman Chen Xuehua said none of the 7,300 days over the past 20 years has passed in vain. Each day is a gift of the times. Over the past 7,300 days of 20 years, we have summed up three insights and four confidences: namely we need to adhere to openness, persistence and keeping pace with the times and constantly enhance the four confidences in the industry, enterprise, team and theories. We have summed up 5 most valuable experiences of taking strategy as guidance, talents as the key, mechanism as guarantee, culture as soul and common prosperity as responsibility. All these have become our ideological strength, our invaluable assets, and our historical heritage that keeps us forging ahead, and helped us achieve the everlasting development and create more glories.

"Huayou has become an excellent company, and history also tells us that Huayou can grow bigger, stronger and better." We firmly believe that those who have been working hard will not fail. We firmly believe that we will become better in the future." Looking forward to the future, Chairman Chen Xuehua is full of confidence. Standing at the new starting point of the 20th anniversary, we will embark on a new journey of "completing the five-year mission in five years". Shouldering the mission of creating customer value and leading industrial development, we will deepen transformation and development, open development, innovative development, green development and common development. All Huayou staff will unite and forge ahead bravely, and will gather efforts to complete the five-year mission in five years. We believe our vision of becoming a global leader in new energy lithium battery materials will be realized soon!

At the celebration, we held the premiere of the 20th anniversary documentary "Enterprising Huayou". Then we held a grand award ceremony to honor the winners of “Huayou 20th-Anniversary Model Workers”, “Huayou 20th-Anniversary Outstanding Fighters”, "Huayou 20th-Anniversary Leaders of Scientific and Technological Innovation", Huayou 20th-Anniversary Science and Technology Leading Talents", "Huayou 20th-Anniversary Outstanding Contributors" and "Huayou 20th-Anniversary Meritorious Figures" and an awarding ceremony in honor of the winners of "Sincere Partners", "Excellent Strategic Partners" and "Meritorious Partners". In the end, we held a donation ceremony for Huayou Charity and Common Prosperity Special Fund, in which 50 million yuan was donated for the construction of beautiful Tongxiang City.

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