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Focus on G20! Chen Xuehua, Chairman of the group, was invited to the Summit of the Group of 20 (G20) and received by Joko, President of Indonesia

2022/12/05 14:01
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From November 15 to 16, the G20 Summit was held in Bali, Indonesia. On the evening of November 16, President Xi Jinping of the People's Republic of China held talks with President Joko of Indonesia. The two Presidents reached important consensus on the building of the China-Indonesia community with a shared future, continued to deepen the cooperation through the synergy of the "Belt and Road " initiative and Indonesia's "Global Maritime Fulcrum", and agreed to take the 10th anniversary of the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Indonesia next year as an opportunity to develop a new pattern of high-level cooperation.

▲ President Joko received Chen Dong (sixth from right), representative of Chinese entrepreneurs

The consensus between the two presidents has pointed out the direction for the development of a number of Chinese enterprises, including Huayou. On the morning of November 17, Joko, President of Indonesia received Chen Xuehua, Chairman of the group. He highly recognized the development of Huayou and other Chinese enterprises in Indonesia, and expressed his appreciation for the contribution made by Huayou to the economic development of the areas where it has invested. Chairman Chen responded that Huayou will continue to implement its investment philosophy of "contributing to the local economic and social development wherever we invest" and live up to the President's expectation by continuing to contribute to the industrial transformation, economic take-off and social progress of Indonesia.

During the Summit, Luhut, Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment of Indonesia, met with Chairman Chen Xuehua and both conducted an in-depth discussion on the future development of Huayou in Indonesia. Minister Luhut said that Chairman Chen Xuehua not only brought Huayou to Indonesia, but also fulfilled the promise he made four years ago to bring a group of major international enterprises to invest in Indonesia. Luhut highly praised Huayou's performance in Indonesia in terms of green development, intelligent manufacturing and training of local personnel, and expressed his full support for the construction and development of Huayou's projects in Indonesia, looking forward to a win-win situation for all parties. Chairman Chen said that in the current context of good opportunities for those who are capable and the rapid development of the new energy industrial chain, Huayou Cobalt, as a leading global supplier of new energy lithium battery materials, is committed to building an integrated industrial chain from resource development to lithium battery materials in Indonesia and constructing a world-class lithium battery industrial park that is technologically advanced, resource efficient, environmentally friendly and leading in the ESG governance.

▲From left to right, they are Chen Xuehua, Chairman of Huayou Cobalt, Chen Shiliang, Chairman of Tongkun Group, Zhang Yuqiang, Board Chairman of Zhenshi Holding Group, and Zhuang Kuilong, Chairman of Xinfengming Group successively

With the new pattern of high-level cooperation between China and Indonesia creating a favorable environment for the development of Chinese enterprises in Indonesia, Huayou will firmly fulfill its corporate responsibility, continuously improve its project construction and management, lead the upgrading of the global new energy industry, boost the local economy of Indonesia, and continue to devote itself to the development of the "Belt and Road Initiative".


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