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Chen Xuehua, Chairman of the Group Attends the B20 Summit and Signs the Definitive Cooperation Agreement with Vale Indonesia

杨曦 /张智鹤
2022/11/24 11:00
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On November 13, the 2022 G20 Business Summit opened in Bali, Indonesia, and Chen Xuehua, Chairman of the Group, was invited to attend the summit. According to the agenda released currently, Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada,, Albanese, Prime Minister of Australia, Joko, President of Indonesia, the rotating chairmanship of this G20, and Modi, Prime Minister of India, the next rotating chairmanship will address keynote speeches.

▲ Chen Xuehua, Chairman of the group signs the definitive cooperation agreement with Febriany Eddy, CEO of Vale Indonesia

On the day of the opening ceremony of B20, the company signed a definitive cooperation agreement with PT Vale Indonesia to process the nickel ore mined by PT Vale Indonesia in the Pomalaa mining area, Koraka County, Southeast Sulawesi Province. The signing of the agreement is a key step for Huayou to achieve its strategy of industrial integration. The planned production capacity of the high-pressure acid leaching (HPAL) project in the Pomalaa block is MHP with an annual output of no more than 120,000 tons of nickel metal, which will provide important support for the electric vehicle battery ecosystem. Ms. Febriany Eddy, CEO of PT Vale Indonesia, said that "The high-pressure acid leaching project in the Pomalaa mining area is the cornerstone of PT Vale Indonesia's sustainable growth agenda, and will promote the future socio-economic development of the region and the country." Chairman Chen Xuehua expressed his expectations of this agreement and hopes to have more in-depth cooperation with Vale in the future, "The cooperation between Huayou and Vale is the perfect combination of Huayou's technological advantages and Vale's resource advantages. Huayou promises to adopt and implement leading environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) practices, ensure successful cooperation and carry forward the economic green development of the entire region." In July this year, based on the cooperation between Huayou Cobalt and Vale, the two parties signed a memorandum of understanding with Ford Motor to introduce Ford to jointly plan and construct the high-pressure acid leaching project to develop Vale's Pomalaa mine in Indonesia. The company will transform the nickel product into the battery material product and supply it to Ford Motor after the project is completed.

The summit theme is "boosting the innovative, cooperative and inclusive growth", which keeps in line with the proposition of "jointly constructing the innovative, invigorated, interconnected and inclusive world economy" proposed by President Xi Jinping on G20 Hangzhou Summit in 2016. Guided by this idea, Huayou has sped up constructing new development patterns, focusing on promoting high-quality development, making every effort to build an integrated industrial chain and supply chain of new energy lithium battery materials, and contributing Huayou's wisdom and strength to the global green transformation and low carbon development.

Openness is the only way for the prosperity and development of the world. Huayou's successful practice of investing in Indonesia and improving people's livelihood and well-being in Indonesia since the "13th Five-Year Plan" is the best explanation for this conclusion. On the occasion of the opening of the G20 Business Summit, we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of Huayou Cobalt. Over the past 20 years, under the leadership of the founder of the group, Mr. Chen Xuehua, Huayou is accelerating the realization of the development pattern of green production, focusing on building innovative competitiveness, and fully promoting high-quality development. In the field of new energy, with new materials for lithium batteries as the core, under the guidance of the competitive strategy of "product leading and cost leading", it built an integrated industrial chain from the development of cobalt and nickel resources to the manufacture of lithium battery materials, formed a dual-based development model of industrial agglomeration and enterprise clusters, completed the spatial layout of cobalt-nickel-lithium resources overseas, manufacturing bases in China, and global market reach.

Huayou Cobalt, as the world's leading enterprise integrating green manufacturing of new energy lithium battery materials and an example of ESG listed company, will firmly establish and practice the concept of "clear waters and green mountains are as good as gold and silver", and take "creating customer value and leading industry development" as its mission to carry the banner of industrial development and the common ideal of lithium industry, and led by green transformation and driven by technological innovation, actively promote cooperation and co-construction with the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and build a lithium battery ecology. Looking forward to the future, Huayo hopes that the B20 Summit may better exert the platform role, on the road to "innovative, cooperative and inclusive growth", and Huayou is willing to work together with global partners to create, share and prosper together, and jointly build a global community of development and create a better future for mankind.

The B20 Summit, or Business20, is the abbreviation of the activities held by the Group of Twenty (G20) in the business community. It was founded in 2010 and is an important supporting event of the G20 Summit. The theme of this year's G20 Leaders' Summit is "Recover Together, Recover Stronger" , and B20 is bound to play a key role in it. The B20 summit is an important platform for the business circles of various countries to participate in global economic governance and promote world economic growth. Some leaders of the G20, more than 1,000 senior business people and opinion leaders will participate in the summit to discuss topics such as sustainable development of resources, reduction of carbon emissions, technological innovation to promote economic development, and energy reform etc.

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