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The first nickel matte electric furnace of Indonesia Huake Nickel launched first tapping successfully

2022/07/15 09:51
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On May 4, at 9:56 a.m. EDT Indonesia, a stream of hot red and dazzling molten iron gushed out from the taphole of Huake's first 48MW ore-heating furnace and flowed along the chute to the casting machine to complete the casting, ushering in the first milestone of the Huake project after its commissioning.

The project adopts the world's most advanced RKEF production technology, which has strong advantages in energy saving and environmental protection, production cost and operational efficiency. Since the electric furnace was fired on April 15, the project has completed the stages of wood drying, oil drying and electric drying in turn, and the first slag discharge was carried out on May 3 after continuous temperature increase and the first furnace of molten iron was successfully produced in the morning of May 4.



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