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New start, new development! Li Jun, Deputy Secretary of Jiaxing Municipal Committee and Acting Mayor, visited the headquarters of Huayou

Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Industry Co., Ltd.
2022/03/08 15:23
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On February 9, Li Jun, deputy secretary of Jiaxing Municipal Committee and acting mayor, accompanied by Wang Jian, deputy secretary of Tongxiang Municipal Committee and acting mayor, visited the headquarters of Huayou. Chen Xuehua, Chairman of Huayou, received him warmly.



During the tour through Huayou’s exhibition hall, Li Jun learned in detail about the company's development history, industrial layout, scientific and technological research and development, product application, and future planning,etc. When he learned that the company was awarded the "Top Ten Excellent Private Enterprises of Jiaxing City in 2021" at the Jiaxing City's Three-level (Cities, counties and towns)Cadres Conference and the Private Economy High-Quality Development Conference held yesterday, Li Jun highly affirmed the promising achievements of Huayou in recent years in high-quality development .

"The deeper the roots of a big tree are, the more flourishing the branches will be." Li Jun said that this year is the twentieth anniversary of Huayou's establishment, as an outstanding representative of Jiaxing's local private enterprises, Huayou should concern on how to achieve new leaps and bounds from a new starting point and continue to strengthen and expand the new energy lithium industry. He holds high  expectations for Huayou and emphasizes the following aspects: First, to strengthen the headquarters economy, accelerate the development of the headquarters economy is a strategic choice for high-quality development, but also an important engine for the re-improvement of industrial development. By enhancing the headquarters operation capacity and strengthening the headquarters industry to create a new core competitiveness; Second, to accelerate the improvement of research and development. Talent is the first resource and innovation is the first driving force. Huayou should strengthen scientific and technological support and innovation drive, enhance scientific and technological innovation, strengthen talent attraction and cultivation, further improve the competitiveness and sustainable development of the industry, and make new and greater contributions to the high-quality development of Jiaxing, as to build a model city of common prosperity .

Chairman Chen expressed his gratitude to the Jiaxing Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government for their long-term support to Huayou's business, and welcomed Mr. Li Jun to visit the company at the beginning of the New Year.

Chen reported the basic overview and the 14th Five-Year Plan of Huayou . He said that since the 13th Five-Year Plan, Huayou has seized the development opportunity of new energy automobile industry and has been one of the leading player of new energy lithium industry chain after years of cultivation. The transformation path of "controlling resources at the upstream, expanding markets at the downstream, and improving capacity in the middle" is also becoming more and more open and workable.

Since entering the 14th Five-Year Plan, Huayou has put forward the strategic goal of "complete ten years' task in five years", maintaining a strong development momentum in the opening year, creating the best performance in history and opening up a green development path. Looking ahead, Huayou will continue to increase investment, adhere to low-carbon and green development, deepen the mode of “industrial and enterprises cluster”and “forming industrial parks and production bases”, pursue high-end Product and international market,  achieve higher quality development and higher level of openness, dedicate to the 20th anniversary of the company with breakthrough progress , and welcome the 20th Party Congress with excellent achievements!

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