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Lithium glory leading the future | Huayou Cobalt was awarded a number of honors at the Tongxiang City Three-level (ities, counties and towns) Cadres Conference!

Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Industry Co., Ltd.
2022/03/08 15:16
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On February 6, Tongxiang City held a Three-level Cadres Meeting and Campaign for Building a Pioneer City of Digital Civility. The meeting was of achievements summary, advanced enterprise and performance awarding, future direction determination, encouragement and cheering, which fully implemented the important decisions and plans of the Central Committee, the CPC Provincial Committee and Jiaxing Municipal Committee and the spirit of the 15th Party Congress. Yu Huiyou, Secretary of Tongxiang Municipal Party Committee of the CPC, Wang Jian, Acting Mayor of Tongxiang Municipal Party Committee, and other leaders of four official leading groups attended the meeting. Chen Xuehua, Chairman of the Huayou, won the honorary title of "Top 10 Outstanding Operators of Industrial Enterprises in 2021", and the Group won the awards of" Top 10 Industrial Enterprises with Outstanding Contributing in 2021", "Outstanding Enterprise in Tax Contribution in 2021", "Top 10 Industrial Enterprises in Tax Contribution Per Unit Mu  Yield in 2021" and "Outstanding Enterprise in Foreign Trade Export in 2021". Chen Xuehua, Chairman of Huayou, Chen Hongliang, the President, and Zhang Jianhong, Assistant to the President, attended the meeting and received the awards.



Secretary Yu Huiyou told all the enterprises in the city to focus on industry and to make enterprises with depth; to strengthen enterprise transformation and make enterprises with vitality; to be passionate and aggressive and make enterprises with energy; to make more contributions and make responsible enterprises; to inject stronger impetus to the high-quality economy and social development of Tongxiang City.

“The first year is critical to the Five-Year Plan!” 2021 is the first year of Huayou’s 14th Five-Year Plan and under the leadership of Chairman Chen Xuehua, the whole enterprise carried on the past and opened up the future, gathered the strength to forge ahead and undertaken the mission, achieved the growth of output, sales volume and economic benefits, promoted the synchronous construction of industrial park in China and projects in foreign countries, achieved a strong start of the "14th Five-Year Plan", presented a good trend of high-quality development, and laid a solid foundation for the accomplishing the target of “completing 10-year tasks in 5 years”.



The opening determines the overall situation. In 2022, Huayou the whole enterprise shall coordinate the epidemic prevention and control, production and operation, construction and development, implement the business ideas of safety first, quality first, innovation driving and industrial coordination, strengthen the business pattern of sourcing material overseas, manufacturing in China and marketing globally , create value for customers and contribute strength to the industry, and make great strides forward to achieve the target of “completing 10-year tasks in 5 years” .

In a boat race, those who row the hardest with courage will win. In the critical year, the year of Tiger, to achieve the target of “completing 10-year tasks in 5 years”, we shall carry on the courage and strength of tiger, the enthusiasm of spirited dragon and dynamic tiger, and the boldness to forge thousand miles ahead like a tiger, to demonstrate the style of Huayou people in high-quality development and high-level opening-up, to show the brilliance of Huayou people on the journey to achieve “completing 10-year tasks in 5 years”, and present the 20th anniversary of Huayou with breakthrough progress and landmark achievements!

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