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Excellent! Cobalt Tetroxide of the Company Is Selected into the Sixth Batch of Single Champion Products of the Manufacturing Industry!

Media Report
Tongxiang promulgate
2021/12/27 09:41
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Tongxiang manufacturing shows its champion strength again. 

On November 8, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology publicized the proposed sixth batch of single champions in the manufacturing industry and the third batch of single champion of the manufacturing industry that plans to pass the review. Cobalt Tetroxide produced by Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Tetroxide Co., Ltd. was selected into the sixth batch of single champion products in the manufacturing industry.

Meanwhile, Zhejiang Hengshi Fiber Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Xinao Textiles Inc. planned to pass the review as the third batch of single champion model enterprises in the manufacturing industry. 

Before this, our city had had 5 single champion model enterprises in the manufacturing industry, 1 single champion cultivation enterprise and 1 single champion product in the manufacturing industry. In terms of the total quantity, it was better than Jiaxing. Tongxiang's champion temperament of "new manufacturing" is increasingly prominent. 

Shortlisting is no easy thing 

The single champion of the national manufacturing industry is reputed as "the bright pearl" on the crown of the manufacturing industry. The recognition of the single champion product of the manufacturing industry is equally hard.

In order to be among "champions", enterprises are required to focus on and deeply explore a certain section or a certain product field of the industrial chain. The market share of products applied by enterprises shall be among the top three; they should also own the core independent intellectual property right, strong innovative ability and also meet multiple rigid requirements in terms of quality efficiency.

The high threshold of shortlisting shows its high content of gold. 

Leadership is based on its accumulated strength 

Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Co., Ltd. is familiar to Tongxiang residents. The local Tongxiang enterprise was established in 2002 and is headquartered in the development zone (Gaoqiao Street). It is a high-tech enterprise focusing on R&D and manufacturing of new energy lithium-ion battery materials and cobalt new materials.

Its capacity of cobalt products ranks the top in the world; its capacity of the precursor of new energy lithium-ion battery materials and cobalt new materials ranks among the top of the industry. 

With the constant improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for the electronic product market of the consumption type keep rising. And Cobalt Tetroxide, the leading product of Huayou Cobalt, is exactly the main raw material of the anode materials of lithium ion battery used for 3C consumption-type electronic products. 

Focus on integrated development and work hard on the industrial chain. While maintaining the leading status of the cobalt main business, Huayou Cobalt makes a downward layout of precursor and anode material processing through the industrial chain. Meanwhile, it vigorously develops Indonesian nickel resources and has gradually set up the integrated layout of the whole industrial chain from development and smelting of cobalt and nickel resources to deep processing of lithium battery anode materials to resource recycling and utilization. 

Start from dedication and dare to aim at the cutting-edge technology and continuous innovation of key fields. The coordinated development of three business sections, namely the resource section, the non-ferrous section and the new energy section enables Huayou Cobalt to turn from a leading enterprise of the cobalt industry to the global leader of new energy lithium-ion battery materials. 


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