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Join in big industry, create great value and fight for bright future -- 2021 Supplier Conference of Huayou Cobalt was held

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Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Industry Co., Ltd.
2021/12/24 10:49
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On December 2, 2021 Annual Supplier Conference, an important part of China·Huayou the Sixth Annual International Conference, was held. In the conference, the achievements and shortcomings of the supply chain in 2021 were comprehensively summarized and reviewed, and a number of special reports were made. The future cooperation with each other was also expected. At the same time, this also shows that Huayou attaches great importance to suppliers and practices and deepens the theme of the annual conference in the process of taking customers as the center and creating value for customers and in the process of accelerating development.



"The development of Huayou is inseparable from the full support and mutual help of the vast number of suppliers. Thank you!" Chen Hongliang, Group CEO, said in his speech on behalf of the company. The suppliers provide support for Huayou along the way. You and Huayou advence and retreat together and witness the growth of Huayou from the workshop along the Yongxing River to one of China Top 500 private enterprises in manufacturing industry; from a small factory in Tongxiang Economic Development Zone to one of Top 100 Chinese multinational companies.

"The past development history has proved that Huayou can grow bigger." Mr. Chen said. Under the background of rapid development of new energy and new materials industries, Huayou will enter a faster development track in the next five or ten years. The demand for materials will continue to increase, and the supply system will continue to be expanded, requiring higher-quality and higher-level supply guarantees. We sincerely hope that the suppliers will support Huayou as always, and make progress with Huayou. Huayou is willing to continue to work with the suppliers to deepen strategic mutual trust, strengthen business cooperation and build a stable, reliable and high-quality supply chain while adhering to the concept of cooperative construction and win-win cooperation.

"This Supplier Conference is a new starting point for the construction of the supply chain of Huayou, as well as a transformation of supply chain management strategy. Huayou will break the previous pure transactional relationship and create a new type of partnership." Lu Feng, Vice President of the Group and General Manager of the Procurement Center, delivered the theme report of Join in the Industrial Chain and Create New Ecology Together. After sharing the era background and industrial situation of new energy lithium battery and the industrial layout of Huayou, on behalf of the company, Lu Feng proposed a constructive direction for the supply chain construction on how to build this new supply ecosystem. First, we shall always take customers as the center and pursue quality and customer satisfaction. Second, we shall always adhere to value creation as the core, make continuous progress, and continue to enhance the competitiveness of the supply chain. Third, we shall always adhere to cultural identity and concept consistency, uphold struggle and long-term development, and achieve win-win cooperation.

In the conference, a number of special reports were completed, including Supply Review of Huayou Cobalt in 2021, Supplier Quality Report of Huayou Cobalt in 2021, Strengthening Quality and Safety Management and Creating Excellent Industry Projects, Compliance Export for Stable and Far-reaching Development, Sunshine Purchasing and Integrity Huayou. The "14th Five-Year Plan" of Huayou was also expected.



The glorious mission of Huayou has been clarified, the development prospect of Huayou has been described, and the requirements of Huayou to jointly create an ecosystem have been agreed. Huayou will provide cooperation platform according to its development. Time and space wait for no man. We will continue to work together with suppliers to increase mutual trust, stick together in times of trouble, cooperate sincerely, devote ourselves to big industry, create great value and fight for bright future!

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