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Stars and Sea Faraway, Living A Poetic Life or Taking A Long Journey Only belong To the Strivers--The Enterprise Held the Induction Ceremony for the Students of Grade of 2021

Company News
Chen Hao
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Industry Co., Ltd.
2021/11/01 15:05
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On July 24, with the theme of "sharpening, integration and struggle", the induction ceremony for the students of grade of 2021 of Huayou Cobalt Industry was held in Huayou Quzhou Industrial Park.


"Seeing so many young and sunny faces, we see the hope and the future of Huayou. I firmly believe that all of you are the hope and future of Huayou! Thank you for choosing and trusting our enterprise, and taking an important step in your lives into Huayou." Chen Xuehua, chairman of the enterprise, expressed his sincere welcome to the 635 new college students who will be working, and extended his cordial greetings and ardent expectations to all of them.

Chairman Chen informed them of the outstanding results that the company has achieved since the 13th Five-Year Plan, the company's significant role in the industry, and the vast potential for future prospects. Chairman Chen said that Huayou has become a transnational enterprise that reached the world's top in cobalt product, the top three in the precursor industry and one of the top 500 private enterprises in manufacturing in China over the last twenty years, especially the transformation and upgrading since the 13th Five-Year Plan. Huayou is dedicated to developing high-quality further and striving to realize the glory and dreams of Huayou people with the boldness of "completing the ten-year task in five years" under the background of the national new energy strategy and the "double carbon" target. A new energy lithium material industry cluster with large space, depth, operation and domestic and a "dual circulation" development pattern is rising in Huayou.

"Being born in a good era, choosing a good industry, and working in a good company. Then you need to struggle relentlessly. For young people, sweating more (work harder) only has benefits. "Chairman Chen spoke energetically that stars and sea faraway, living a poetic life or taking a long journey only belong to the strivers! Chairman Chen sent his great encouragement and expectation to the growth and success of all of them at the time when the college students of grade of 2021 were about to take up their jobs: First, let your parents rest assured and feel at ease by growing peacefully in everyday and in your work and study instead of letting down your parents' expectations, their kindness, and upbringing; Second, do not let down yourself. The road to growth is never smooth, and sowing and harvesting are not in the same season. Growing is at the largest cost of persistence. Perseverance means victory when encountering setbacks and bumping on the road; Third, don't waste the opportunity that Huayou's stage has provided. Huayou has prepared a large forum for everyone with industrial parks in Tongxiang, Quzhou and Guangxi in China; There are manufacturing bases in Democratic Republic of the Congo and Indonesia in foreign countries. The stage of Huayou is a the one of co-creation and sharing. The stage of Huayou is large enough for the new college students to sweat and show their talents, enough for everyone to realize their ambitions and accomplish themselves.



At the induction ceremony, Li Qian, deputy general manager of the enterprise's Human Resources Management Center, made a summary report on the induction of the students of grade of 2021, and everyone watched a special video clip of the "Strivers" training camp together. Meanwhile, advanced individuals, including "excellent trainees", "excellent squad leader", and "excellent class" with outstanding performance during the eleven-day military training, and advanced groups were honored at the ceremony, and the representative of outstanding trainees made an entry speech.



"As one of the Huayou family, I'll unswervingly adhere to the original aspiration and Huayou ideal, follow the business philosophy, practice Huayou culture, strive constantly for self-improvement, pursue excellence, and fight for the great cause that builds Huayou into a century-old brand!" This oath is so sonorous, forceful and earnest that drives people to forge ahead; Vows are sincere and inspiring. At the end, representatives of the Strivers Training Camp trainees lined up to take the oath of appointment, and all attendees stood up to read the Huayou Oath.

The induction ceremony, hosted by Zhou Qifa, Vice President of the enterprise. More than 800 people attended the induction ceremony, including leaders above the level of assistant president of the enterprise, heads of relevant functional units at the headquarters, leaders above the director level of Huayou Quzhou Industrial Park and heads of relevant departments, and all new students of grade of 2021.


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