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Our Desire Will Lead to A Bright Future. -- 2021 Mid-year Working Conference of the Group Was Held

Company News
Chen Hao
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Industry Co., Ltd.
2021/09/08 09:30
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  From July 18 - 19, Huayou 2021 Mid-year Conference was held in Jiangshan. The conference fully summarized and reviewed the achievements and defects in the first half of 2021, analyzed and discussed the new environmental situations, sorted out the working thoughts, made clear the working objectives, deployed key tasks, and further gathered the strength of striving personnel, who would go all out to promote the Huayou's high-quality development and fulfill the honor and dream of Huayou staff!




  During the conference, Chairman Chen Xuehua made an important speech entitled Complete Ten-year Tasks in Five Years, Trying to Fulfill the Honor and Dream of Huayou Staff. President Chen Hongliang made the 2021 mid-year work report entitled Gather Striving Strength and Shoulder Missions to Promote the High-quality Development of the Company.

  Chairman Chen Xuehua deeply analyzed the changes of the industrial environment, and Huayou's industrial basis, competition advantages and existing defects in the speech. By focusing on overall arrangement transformation and high-quality development, Chairman Chen Xuehua conducted the work deployment of "strengthening the overall planning of the headquarters, the execution of group transformation and the construction of three teams". Chairman Chen Xuehua also proposed working requirements for the task in the second half of the year in terms of strengthening safety and environmental protection, improving operation quality, consolidating project construction, speeding up R&D and expanding financing channels:

First of all, strengthening safety and environmental protection.

Strictness is required for safety and environmental protection compliance. Strictly implement responsibilities and accountability. The anti-pandemic defense line cannot be broken; the red line of safety and environmental protection cannot be touched; the compliance bottom line cannot be surpassed.

Second, improving the operation quality.

All business units should intensify the 3-focus, concentrate on 3-mainstream, improve three elements of quality, cost and benefit, seize opportunities and make achievements. For main products like three metals and precursors, the production lines should be fully loaded Stick to market first and speed up market layout. The marketing system should cover all brand customers.

Third, focusing on the project construction.

Focus on safety construction, project quality and construction progress for the constructions in progress; focus on project ending work, overall trial and full capacity and standard achievement; The industrial parks should focus on spatial planning, early-stage planning and integrated design of the project. All industrial parks, industrial groups and project teams should promote the grand process of "Completing Ten-year Tasks in Five Years" through the high-quality project construction.

Fourth, speeding up product R&D.

"Completing Ten-year Tasks in Five Years" must be supported by technical breakthrough and leading products. Create the fast and efficient product development ability in terms of product R&D. The customer-centered product R&D is the first priority of the R&D system. Try to realize the full R&D coverage of all customers. Both 330 scientific research plan and high-end products should be accelerated.

Fifth, "Completing Ten-year Tasks in Five Years" cannot be achieved without financial and capital support.

Provide capital guarantee for the Huayou's production and operation, construction and development have to be financially guaranteed by exploring multiple channels and using multiple tools.

Sixth, strengthen the construction of Huayou’s Party Branch.

More attention has to be paid to cultivate and develop party members from the Huayou’s employees to expand the party member team. Party Branch construction has to be integrate into the Huayou's production and operation, construction and development to positively fulfill the branch’s leading role and pioneering and model role of party members, gather strength and unite members for the Huayou's transformation and upgrade, and the Second Startup, and "Completing Ten-year Tasks in Five Years". Wherever Huayou's cause develops, the party organization will be built there.

  The desire of the heart will lead to a bright future. Chairman Chen mentioned that "Completing Ten-year Tasks in Five Years" is a great though established on the big pattern, a great strategy on a broad vision, a great move on a bigger picture. It is a historical process that determines the new energy Li-ion battery materials and fulfills the Huayou's prospect as early as possible. As long as all our Huayou staff unify our thoughts and actions for Huayou's decision, and strive hard together, we are bound to fulfill the honor and dream of all Huayou staff!



  Chairman Chen reviewed and summarized the achievements obtained in the first half of the year in the report, and mentioned that the year of 2021 was the opening year of the "14th Five-year plan", the key year of transformation and upgrade, and the year of starting the new journey of high-quality development. In the past half year, we fully implemented the spirits of the annual working conference, the safety environmental protection conference and the cadres' conference, made a good start from the new starting point, and started a new situation in the new pattern, and launched the new development journey of " 14th Five-Year Plan" with greater efforts and more confidence. It is concretely embodied in the following five aspects:

1. Prevented and controllled the pandemic, conducted compliance operation and realized the company's stable operation;

2. The production output and sales volume steadily increased; the market layout was deepened; the three elements were improved;

3. Project construction and park planning presented strong development momentum;

4. Platform and system were created to speed up the R&D of high-end products;

5. Huayou's comprehensive ability was greatly improved.

  By targeting at the current operation environment and tasks, the report indicated that we should stick to the annual work guidance thought, implement the operation thought of "market priority, technological support, stable production, and adequate supply". By focusing on the Huayou's grand conception of "Completing Ten-year Tasks in Five Years", we will speed up spatial expansion, industrial layout and project implementation, boost the integrated development of "short-process techniques, large-sized equipment, automatic production line, intelligent manufacturing, digital operation, and green industry", gather the striving strength, and shoulder missions to promote Huayou’s high-quality development. According to the guiding thoughts, we should ensure the following work in 2021:

1. Prevent and control the pandemic and prevent risks to ensure a steady start in the starting year;

2. Seize opportunities and strive hard to comprehensively complete the annual operation tasks;

3. Complete ten-year tasks in five years to realize a good start of the opening year;

4. Leading both in products and costs and strengthen the technological support for the industrial development;

5. Improve the ability and consolidate the foundation to ensure the rapid and sound development of Huayou.

  At the end of the report, Chairman Chen appealed to Huayou cadres to fully carry forward the Huayou spirit of "constantly striving to become stronger and pursuing excellence", maintain the work status of "competing against time", shoulder missions and duties, execute and implement various arrangements, and greet the arrival of Huayou's 20th anniversary with the best achievements and the best development.

  The organizational framework adjustment, appointment and dismissal of related personnel, 2021 mid-year work report panel discussion, work reports of each business and functional units, and the "double-carbon" lectures were also completed and presented in the conference.



  After finishing the above established agendas, Chairman Chen Xuehua led all the participants to take Huayou's oath and take group photos. Cadres of the deputy director level and above, responsible personnel of the headquarters' functional units, the functional units of each business units and branches, cadres in the African and Indonesian area participated in the meeting via video connection; Cadres of the deputy director level and above of the holding group and the key personnels of each unit attended the meeting.


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