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The Delegation Led by An Conghui, President of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, Visits Huayou Quzhou Industrial Park for Investigation and Guidance

Company News
Qiu Qianwen
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Industry Co., Ltd.
2021/07/20 16:56
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On July 18, the delegation led by An Conghui, President of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group visited Huayou Quzhou Industrial Park for investigation and guidance under the accompaniment of Gao Yi, Deputy Secretary and Acting Mayor of Quzhou Municipal Party Committee. Chen Hongliang, the group president warmly welcomed them.

President An Conghui affirmed the industrial structure and advanced technologies of Huayou. He had a detailed understanding of Huayou's advantages in terms of capacity scale and product export. In the context of prosperous development of the new energy industry, the ecological chains of the new energy automobile industry also extend towards one another. President An Conghui praised the strategy of Huayou's integrated upstream and downstream layout of lithium-ion battery materials, and thought highly of Huayou's great attention paid to the "six-integration" development mode, including the short-range safety and environmental protection and practice techniques, large-sized equipment, automatic production lines, intelligent manufacturing, digitalized operation, and green industry.

Chen Hongliang showed warm welcome to the arrival of the delegation led by President An Conghui. Chen Hongliang mentioned that under the guidance of " two innovations and three transformations", Huayou would continue to be deeply engaged in the lithium battery new energy industry, integrate high-end client resources, and hope to further cooperate with Geely Holding Group, develop together and jointly construct the industrial ecosystem of new energy automobiles.



Chen Yaozhong, Vice President of the group and President of the New Energy Industry Group, mainly introduced the company's strategic positioning and advantages of global industrial chains. Huayou sticks to the path of "high-end product, integrated industry and international operation", satisfies customers' demands with high-end products, and hopes to contribute wisdom and strength to the healthy development of the entire industry with high-quality automobile manufacturers like Geely Holding Group.


With the strategic implementation of double-carbon objectives of China and the environment-friendly demands of coping with global climate changes, intelligent upgrade will lead a great revolution to the automobile industry, and bring a bigger growth space to the new energy automobile industry. Mayor Gao Yi emphasized that Huayou, as the leading enterprise of upstream lithium battery materials of the new energy industrial chain, need to give full play to its advantages of resources, R&D and technologies, and cooperate with Geely, the leading enterprise of domestic autonomous automobile brands to deeply implement the "Eight-Eight Strategy" by focusing on the " 14th Five-Year Plan planning" of Zhejiang Province and the long-term objective of 2035, jointly explore the high-quality development cooperation of the whole industrial chain of new energy automobiles, jointly help boost high-quality development of Zhejiang Province and construct the demonstration area of common prosperity, and work hard to create the important window of fully showing the superiority of the system of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era.



Liu Genhong, member of Quzhou Standing Committee, Secretary of Party Working Committee of the Intelligent Manufacturing New City, and Director of the Management Committee, and Bao Wei, Assistant President of the group and General Manager of Huayou Recycling Technology Co., Ltd. accompanied them to visit it.


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