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New energy vehicles and lithium-ion batteries will stand at the center of carbon neutrality

Securities Times
2021/07/15 16:25
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From 1900, the temperature of the earth has risen by exactly 1℃, and this period of more than 100 years marks the large-scale industrial production. Currently, the increase of 1℃ does not seem like a big problem, but if it rises by another 1.5℃, it will reach a dangerous critical value. By then, in addition to melting glaciers and rising sea levels, permafrost, the huge "carbon freezer" (the carbon content is about twice than that of the current atmospheric carbon content) will begin to melt. No organism can adapt to the temperature shock because of the release of large amounts of carbon dioxide and methane.

Under this background, carbon neutrality has become a global consensus. The goal is to offset the carbon emissions produced by human beings. Therefore, the earth itself can maintain a dynamic balance. Since the policy has been issued, the countermeasures also emerge as the times require. One of the most urgent point is to reduce the carbon emissions of traditional energy activities.

Energy activities are divided into energy production and energy consumption. For energy production, while promoting clean energy, the energy storage battery will be applied to surmount the maldistribution of wind energy and light energy in space and time. For energy consumption, it mainly reflects on transportation and industry. In China, it is a vital means to limit vehicle fuel and replace it with electric vehicles.

To sum up, the lithium-ion battery is indispensable to achieve carbon neutrality both in terms of energy storage and electric vehicles. New energy vehicles and lithium-ion batteries stand at the center of China's national strategy to achieve the goal of "carbon neutrality" and "peak carbon dioxide emissions".

At present, China has made continuous breakthroughs in lithium-ion batteries. From lithium-ion iron phosphate battery to nickel-cobalt-manganese ternary lithium-ion battery, to producing high nickel ternary lithium-ion from lithium-ion hydroxide with lower melting point, electric vehicle industry chain with parts made in China and adaptive to the whole world has been generated.

China is far ahead in the industrial scale and technical reserve of lithium-ion battery, energy storage, photovoltaic and UHV. The arrival of the era of green and intelligent energy will become the support of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, thus changing the entire industry and social ecology. It can be called a reshuffle especially for the automobile industry.

It can be predicted that China will establish a green energy supply system based on renewable energy, and fossil energy will be used as a supplementary energy in the future. The energy demand in the industry and society will be met by green electricity and green heat energy, and electric vehicles and hydrogen vehicles are used for travel.

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