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Huayou Cobalt: With a Market Value of 138.5 billion Yuan, the Company Ranks among the Top Ten in Whole Province and the 179th in China!

Media Report
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Industry Co., Ltd.
2021/07/12 10:30
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At present, China's capital market is becoming more active. By the end of June this year, there had been 7,974 Chinese companies listed on 15 major exchanges around the world, with a total market value of 148.6 trillion yuan.

This number even exceeds China's GDP last year.

So, what position is Jiaxing in by the number of listed companies in China?

What representative leading enterprises does it have?

On July 5, the list of Top 500 Listed Companies by Market Value in China in the First Half of 2021 was released. By June 30, the total market value of the 500 leading enterprises on the list is around 98.78 trillion yuan, accounting for about 66% of that of all listed companies. A total of 38 enterprises in Zhejiang were shortlisted, including 7 in Jiaxing, which makes Jiaxing second in the province and only second to Hangzhou.



Market value is an important index that reflects the investment value and market recognition of a listed company. Undoubtedly, the seven enterprises that rank among the top 500 listed companies by market value in China are the "brightest stars" of Jiaxing's capital circle -- they are Huayou Cobalt, Hoshine, Flat, Satellite Petrochemical, China Jushi, Tongkun Group and Starpower.



It is worth mentioning that the market value of Huayou Cobalt has reached 138.5 billion yuan, ranking not only among the top ten in the province, but the 179th place in China, bringing glory to the "appearance rate" of the capital market "Jiaxing Sector" in the top 500 by market value in China.



The reporter learned that Huayou Cobalt, as a high-tech enterprise engaged in R&D and manufacturing of new energy, including lithium battery materials and cobalt new materials, is committed to becoming a global leader in lithium battery materials. At present, Huayou Cobalt has formed a spatial layout with its headquarters in Tongxiang, resources from abroad, manufacturing base in China and market in the whole world, and three major business segments, including resources, the non-ferrous and new energy, and created a new energy lithium battery industrial ecology from development and metallurgy of cobalt and nickel resources and intensive processing of lithium power cathode materials, to resource recycling and reusing.

This is just an epitome of the accelerated development and explosive expansion of "Jiaxing Sector" in the capital market. In recent years, Jiaxing has successively issued policies such as Twenty New Policies for Accelerating Share Reform and Listing of Enterprise and Plan for Jiaxing City to Implement the Province's "Phoenix Action" Plan for Enterprise Listing, Mergers and Acquisitions. It's the first in the province to organize and implement the "Listing 100" special action , leading the listed companies into the "fast lane" of "rising in quantity and quality at the same time", and increasingly becoming the multiplier and power source for the leap of local economy.

According to the data, in 2020, there were 11 new domestic and overseas listed companies in Jiaxing, reaching a record high. The total number of listed companies increased from 40 in 2015 to 69 in the first half of 2021, and the ranking jumped from the sixth to the fourth in the province.

In the first half of this year, the total volume of IPO and refinancing of listed companies in the city reached 16.11 billion yuan, ranking second in the province; the total market value of domestic listed companies reached 784.2 billion yuan, taking the third spot in the province.

"Since the implementation of the 'Phoenix Action' plan in 2017, the growing capital market 'Jiaxing Sector' are becoming the multiplier and power source for Jiaxing's high-quality economic development." A relevant responsible person in charge of the Municipal Finance Office believes that, the government offers money in hard cash and encourages qualified enterprises to go public through share reform. Outwardly, it means to encourage enterprises to raise funds directly in the capital market, but the deeper significance lies in promoting high-quality development with capital power - providing direct financing channels for the real economy to solve financing problem of enterprises and promote the deep integration of capital market and scientific and technological innovation. By doing this, make a listed company a source of innovation to drive the innovation chain, and give birth to an industrial chain, thus comprehensively enhancing Jiaxing's regional competitiveness and helping it to achieve leapfrog development.

Till now, Jiaxing is focusing on the billion-level listed companies, such as Tongkun Group, Jushi, Starpower, Xin Feng Ming and Huayou Cobalt, increasingly speeding up the pace of advancing the industrial base and modernizing the industrial chain, and exploring the transformation path of "a leading enterprise driving an innovation chain" in practice.

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