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Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, Minister of Ministry of Maritime and Investment Coordination in Indonesia Inspects the Huayue Nickel and Cobalt Project

Company News
Ding Ling
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt
2021/06/25 13:40
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On June 23, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, Minister of Ministry of Maritime and Investment Coordination in Indonesia, Muhammad Tito Karnavian, Minister of Ministry of the Interior, Sofyan A. Djalil, Minister of Ministry of Land and Space Planning and Land Resources, and other officials inspected the Huayue Nickel and Cobalt hydrometallurgy project located at Morowali Park in Indonesia. Gao Baojun, General Manager of Huayue Company, warmly received them. 


After reaching the park, Minister Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan and his companions firstly attended the project orientation meeting of Huayue. Chen Xuehua, President of Huayou Cobalt, showed warm welcome via video to Minister Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan and his companions, showed thanks to the Indonesian government and Minister Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan for their creation of the excellent investment environment to the Huayue project, and communicated and discussed with the minister about resource development and project promotion. Gao Baojun reported the project techniques and construction progress to the distinguished guests. Gao Baojun mentioned that the Huayue project of intermediate products, with the capacity size of 60,000 tons of nickel and 6,000 tons of cobalt had five core advantages. First of all, it takes the low-grade laterite nickel ore that isn't made use of and at the state of waste as the raw material, thus maximizing the use of lateritic ore resources in Indonesia. Second, it may fully extract valuable metals like nickel, cobalt, manganese and chromium from raw materials, thus maximizing the value of raw materials. Third, it meets the demands of new energy battery materials, solves the material supply bottleneck of the future new energy development, and promotes the development of the new energy industry in the world. Fourth, the project adopts the most mature high-pressure acid leaching technique that treats low-grade lateritic ore in the world. Fifth, the project assumes no coal; the carbon emission of the unit product is less than 1/6 of the pyrometallurgy process. It is the green and extra-low-carbon technique. 
Minister Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan confirmed and praised the achievements made by the Huayue project, and showed thanks to Chinese entrepreneurs on behalf of the Indonesian government for their investment to industries in Indonesia and their contributions made to the economic and social development of Indonesia. Mr. Minister indicated that the successful connection between China's "Belt and Road" Initiative and Indonesian's "Global Maritime Axis)" strategy would greatly boost the economic and trade cooperation of both countries. Jointly construct "Belt and Road", cope with the historical trend of economic globalization and cope with the times requirements of the reform of global governance system. Meanwhile, he emphasized that the Indonesian government would keep supporting the continuous development and investment of Chinese enterprises in Indonesia, and realize win-win of multiple parties. 


After the conference was over, Mr. Minister and his companions visited the project site of Huayue Nickel and Cobalt by car, inspected the project construction conditions, specially visited the project sand table of Huayue Nickel and Cobalt and had a detailed understanding of the hydrometallurgy project technique process of Huayue Nickel and Cobalt. Gao Baojun accompanied the guests and gave detailed explanations. On behalf of the team, he solemnly promised: They must abide by laws and stipulations of Indonesia, protect the environment with high standards, make great efforts to promote the project construction, realize commissioning as scheduled, and make contributions to the economy, the masses and the development of the new energy industry in Indonesia as soon as possible. 
Since its launch, the project construction of Huayue Nickel and Cobalt has obtained remarkable achievements with the support and concern of governments of various levels of the Indonesia. Minister Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan visited the park and mainly inspected the Huayue Nickel and Cobalt project, fully showing the attention and concern of Indonesian central government to the project production and construction of Huayue Nickel and Cobalt. Huayue project will regard this as the opportunity to keep improving the project construction and management level, put into operation soon, make contributions to the construction of "Belt and Road" and Indonesia's economic development, and lead the upgrade and development of the world new energy industry. 

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