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Seize the opportunity, strive hard and resolutely complete the annual objectives – Huayou's 2021 Cadre Conference was held

Chen Hao
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt
2021/05/12 15:53
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On April 30, Huayou's 2021 Cadre Conference was held in Tongxiang.  Chairman Chen Xuehua made an important speech entitled "Seize the opportunity, strive hard and resolutely complete the annual objectives" at the conference.  The cadre conference is presided over by President Chen Hongliang.


Chairman Chen pointed out in his speech that today we held the 2021 cadre conference, the purpose is to have an analyze of the situation, a clear understanding of the situation, and further strengthen ideological, cultural, cadre team construction;  We should further unify the cadres' thoughts into the spirit of the annual working conference, further concentrate the cadres' strength into the annual objectives and key measures, seize the opportunity, strive hard and resolutely complete the annual objectives.  
After summarizing Huayou’s achievements in the first quarter of 2021 and conducting in-depth analysis of the internal and external business situation faced by Huayou, Chairman Chen explained the necessity, importance and urgency of the "Completing the task of a decade in five years " to all the staff of Huayu according to the actual situation.  Focusing on the completion of annual objectives, it emphasizes the business ideas of "Market priority, technology supporting, stable production and strong supply". It puts forward the cadre requirements of "Insisting on responsibility, constantly transcending ourselves, strictly adhering to the bottom line" to build a team of strivers. All cadres should accelerate the production capacity construction of major projects at home and abroad, accelerate to secure the resource and industrial opportunities, seize every moment, work hard, do a good job in 2021, and make a good start for the high-quality development of "14th Five-Year Plan".  
"To be the leader of new energy Li-ion battery materials is not only the choice of The Times, but also the mission of Huayou people.  The cause of Huayou is the common cause of all Huayou employees, and the achievements of Huayou are shared by all the Huayou employees."  "The road won't be easy, the blueprint won't be realized instantly, the dreams won't come true overnight.  The journey is long, struggle is the only way out."  At the end of the speech, Chairmn Chen is full of confidence in the future and the team of Huayou.  In the key year of "Completing the task of a decade in five years ", in the starting year of becoming the global leader of new energy Li-ion battery materials, we firmly believe that as long as all the staff of Huayou unite, seize the opportunity and work hard, we will be able to complete the annual objectives with high quality and achieve a great performance in the Chinese Year of the Ox!  It will lay a solid foundation for the realization of the common vision of Chinese friends for the "Completing the task of a decade in five years ".  
At the same time, the conference issued the "14th Five-Year Plan" Strategic Plan of Huayou Cobalt, the "Outline of the Ideology and Culture Construction of Huayou Cobalt in 2021", the "Restricted Stock Incentive Plan of Huayou Cobalt in 2021", and carried out the "Three Re-Clarifyings" special report and the cadre management work report in 2020.  At the conference, the compliance management system construction project was officially launched.  











All leaders with the level of president assistant and above, cadres with the level of director and above in China, major cadres of industrial groups and functional departments of the headquarters, representatives of Huayou Iron Army, Lawyer Liu Xiangwen of Beijing Zhonglun Law Firm and staff of the headquarters of Huayu Holdings Group attended the conference.  In addition to the main venue in Tongxiang, Sub venues were also set up in Quzhou, Africa, Beijing, Guangxi, Indonesia and Jiangsu.  Cadres in sub-venues watched and listened to the conference live via video broadcast.  





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