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Another good news from the frontline of “The 2nd Startup”, the 1st bearing column is successfully installed

Company News
Lu Peifei
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt
2021/04/02 10:33
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At 8:08 a.m., March 27, 2021, Indonesia Eastern Time, the first bearing column of Boiler No. 6 of Weda Bay 6×250MW thermal power generation project in Indonesia began to install. As the first project node of the plant, the successful installation of the bearing column of the first floor steel structure, marks the official installation of the steel structure of Huake Nickel.


Chairman of Weda Bay Industrial Park, and Etsingshan Group Co., Ltd., Xiang Binghe, Chairman and GM of Huake nickel industry Co., Ltd., Fang Qixue, Vice GM of Youshn Nickel (Indonesia) Co., Ltd., Zhang Chongchao, Vice GM of Weda Bay Industrial Park Wang Chunyi, Vice GM of Electrical Business Sector, Weda Bay Industrial Park Di Jiangxin attended the installation ceremony.


As a joint venture project between Huayou and Tsingshan Co., Ltd., Huayou Nickel Industry Project is an investment raising project. The construction content includes 4 drying kilns, 4 rotary kilns, 4 thermal electric furnaces, 4 P-S converters and supporting facilities, and 1 250MW coal power plant .After the completion of the project, the annual production of High Nickel Matte is 45,000 tons of Ni content; The project can process 4,144,300 tons/year of nickel laterite with 1.85% nickel content (wet base), and produce 57,692 tons/year of nickel matte with 45,000 tons of nickel content, which settles a new milestone of Resource Control and lays a solid foundation for the higher quality and higher level development of "14th Five-Year Plan".
We need to coordinate the constructions in two ways. Maintain Huayou’s strong growth momentum. We must make efforts to develop domestic bases. Build new energy advanced manufacturing bases of Li-ion battery materials in Tongxiang and Quzhou, and improve domestic manufacturing capacity on a large scale. We must also focus on overseas projects. Build Huayue and Huake projects in Indonesia, consolidate and strengthen the integrated operation mode of mining and metallurgy in Africa, and promote Huayou’s international operation ability with overseas project constructions. (Excerpted from Chairman Chen Xuehua's Speech at Huayou 2021 Working Conference)


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