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Openness, Persistence, Keeping Pace with the Times

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Huayou Co made its first appearance at the Shenzhen International Battery Exhibition with its integrated solution of Li-ion battery materials

Company News
Wen Xue
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt
2021/03/29 17:25
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Opening up is the only way for Huayou to start a business and innovation. Only by breaking through the boundaries set by ourselves, that Huayou can manage global resources, attract top talents and gather energy for growth. Seek development through opening up and build a new Huayou.(Excerpt from Huayou Business Program)
From March 19 to 21, the 14th China International Battery Fair (CIBF) hosted by China Industrial Association of Power Sources was held in Shenzhen Futian International Convention and Exhibition Center. CIBF is the first international conference and exhibition project which is protected by trademark registration, held once every two years in China, focusing on the global power battery, energy storage battery, 3C batteries, all kinds of battery materials, manufacturing equipment, power and energy storage system solutions, it is mainly concentrating on a series of achievements of all kinds of power batteries of passenger cars new energy bus, logistics car and two wheel vehicle, and new energy storage in the past two years.
As an integrated benchmark in the field of Li-ion battery cathode materials, Huayou Cobalt debuted at CIBF, showing the company's integrated industrial layout from upstream resources, nonferrous refining, precursors, cathode materials and recycling.


The overall layout of HUAYOU booth is dignified and decent, and the two big trees at the front of the door hold up the LOGO elements of the enterprise, implying the solid industry foundation and the vigorous development momentum of HUAYOU, and interpreting the HUAYOU belief of "Rooted in China, making friends all over the world". During the exhibition, Huayu's layout in the integrated industrial chain of Li-ion battery materials attracted extensive attention from the visitors, including some well-known automobile enterprises, battery enterprises, cathode materials enterprises and securities companies in the industry.
Materials, batteries and new energy car companies are all very concerned about the impact nickel and cobalt price fluctuation to the cathode material price, and Huayou as a benchmark of the integrated LI-ion battery material layout, Huayou’s development thought  of resources control,  refining ability enhancement, and market exploit was well recognized, Huayou was well received for providing low cost, high performance low carbon emission Li-ion battery material to downstream customers and promoting the healthy development of new energy automobile market.


Huayou’s business units like New Energy, Non-ferrous, Recycling and joint ventures   took part in this exhibition, Huayou New Energy business unit planned and organized the Group’s participation. Huayou New Energy always adheres to the concept of "Science and technology lead the future, Innovation drives development", leading products are implemented by continuously increased investment in technology research and development, precursor products developed independently has entered the Volkswagen, Renault, Ford, Volvo and other international high-end new energy car companies’ industrial chain. In addition, the company has set up four joint ventures with LG Chem and POSCO Chemical, realizing the mutually beneficial cooperation between Huayou and the world's top 500 multinational enterprises, opening up the strategic channel for Huayou's future development, and further creating value for the global high-end new energy vehicle enterprises.


B&M Technology, a subsidiary of Huayu Holding Group, also participated in the exhibition and set up an independent booth. B&M displayed a variety of technical routes and product achievements of its high voltage LCO and high nickel content NCM cathode materials. B&M has developed rapidly in the past two years, and has entered the supply chain of domestic and foreign well-known battery companies and car companies. In 2020, B&M's sales of NCM battery cathode materials have entered the top three in the industry in China.


Huayou cobalt industry debuted in this exhibition, which has received wide attention and unanimous praise from the industry, Huayu well presented its belief of "Rooted in China and making friends all over the world". Huayou will always be committed to becoming the global leader of new energy Li-ion battery materials, relying on technological innovation and product research and development, leading the development of Li-ion battery materials industry, and contributing to the global energy structural adjustment and new energy materials.


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