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Make full efforts and full speed ahead to the high quality development! ---- Huayou won a number of honors in this conference.

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Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt
2021/03/03 08:24
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On February 24, Three-level Cadres Conference of Tongxiang City was held in the Science and Technology Exhibition Center. Qi Li, Secretary of Tongxiang Municipal Party Committee, Yu Huiyou, Deputy Secretary of Tongxiang Municipal Party Committee Mayor, and leaders from other for leading bodies, attended the conference. Secretary Qi Li made an important speech at the conference. Huayou Chairman Chen Xuehua was invited to attend the conference and accepted the award.


At the conference, Qi Li, secretary of the municipal party committee, made a speech. Secretary Qi stressed that in 2021, the whole city should take "getting down to business" as the theme, "striving for excellence" and "ability improvement" as the main line throughout the whole year. He pointed out that the most important thing is to strive for excellence, work for honor, future, and the well-being of the people. The most basic thing is to obtain the capability to be the first and the best. We need to improve our ability, and fulfill our responsibilities. And the key is to ultimately speak loud with our statistics, achievements and results.



The conference commended and rewarded the high-level advanced collectives and advanced individuals of Tongxiang in 2020 for completing the building of a moderately prosperous society, and commended the collectives and individuals who have made outstanding contributions in 2020. Huayou was awarded as "Top Ten Industrial Enterprises with Outstanding Contribution in 2020" and "Excellent Foreign Trade Export Enterprise in 2020". Chairman Chen Xuehua was awarded "2020 Tongxiang Top Ten Industrial Enterprises Excellent Operator", and Senior Vice President Fang Qixue was awarded "2020 Excellent Entrepreneurship and Innovation Leading Talent".


Huayou Chairman Chen Xuehua(4th from right) accepting the award

In the past year, Huayou insisted on transformation and upgrading, consolidated strategic orientation, and worked hard to achieve the goals of the "13th Five-Year Plan". In 2020, Huayou adhered to the overall orientation of “Do a good job in the 13th Five-year Plan and plan for the 14th Five-year Plan”, implemented the business ides of “Marketing exploration, operation stabilization, R&D concentration and supply strengthening”, adhered to the requirements of  "Three can'ts and Four unchanges” to well coordinate the epidemic prevention and control and production management, promoted technological progress and development, strengthened the market layout and open development, consolidated the safety and environmental protection bases for high quality development, built the competitive advantage for high quality development, strengthen the scientific and technological support for high quality development, and improved the management level for high quality development. Huayou stepped on a new height, set foot on a new level, achieve a complete success in the final year of the “13th Five-year Plan”.
"We should run and sprint from the beginning." The journey of "The 14th Five-year Plan" has been opened, the brilliant Year of the Ox is waiting for us. In the spring of the first year, we should focus on customers, Sci-tech innovation and marketing exploration. Time waits for no man, only our hard working and constantly striving forward can write a new chapter of Huayou’s high quality development.

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