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On the fifth day of the Chinese New Year, Qi Li, The Party Secretary of Tongxiang Municipal Party Committee, visited Huayou for research

Company News
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt
2021/02/22 09:22
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February 16th is the 5th day of the Chinese New Year, Qi Li, The Party Secretary of Tongxiang Municipal Party Committee, accompanied by Zhu Weiqiang, member of the Standing Committee of Tongxiang Municipal Party Committee, visited Huayu for investigation. Chairman Chen Xuehua and President Chen Hongliang warmly received the visit.


"Huayou's 13th Five-Year Development Goals came to a perfect conclusion, and this year, Huayou will enter a new stage of the 14th Five-Year Plan. The achievements and broad prospects for future development are inspiring and encouraging." After listening to Chairman Chen Xuehua's special report on the enterprise, Secretary Qi Li spoke highly of Huayou's unwavering focus on the development of the main business, unswerving determination of the established strategic objectives, and all-out efforts to build industrial integration. Qi li said, as one the local multinational companies originated from Tongxiang, Huayou actively explore and practice the development of main business, bravely landed in Africa, practiced the “One Belt, One Road” initiatives, built competitive advantage in the  resources end and an integrated industry chain to further enhance the industrial value chain and contribute to build an ecological chain of new energy Li-ion battery.
"Focus on the industry to build a leading international enterprise and focus on the science and technology to achieve Huayou’s leading position, focus on the team to strengthen the cohesive power with Huayou culture. Qi Li said that it is because of the accumulation of Huayu in the past ten years that the new energy Li-ion battery industry has ushered in an explosive period of development. Seizing this opportunity, and the combination of developing the industry, developing the technology and team supporting is the only way for Huayou to achieve a new round of high-quality development. At the same time, Qi Li said, Tongxiang Municipal Committee and Government will as always fully support the development of Huayou, and accurately serve the development of the enterprises, in the beginning year of “14th Five-year Plan”, hope Huayou pick up its pace with the strategy of "Leading in Two Industries", and contribute to the economic and social development of Tongxiang city.


Chairman Chen Xuehua extended his appreciation to Secretary Qi Li for coming to Huayou to encourage Huayou in the beginning of the New Year. Chairman Chen said that after 19 years of development, Huayou completed the spatial layout of headquartering in Tongxiang, resource guaranteed overseas, manufacturing based in China and market exploited all around the world. Huayou is now sparing no effort to build an ecosystem of new energy Li-ion battery from cobalt nickel resources development, refining and processing, Li-ion battery cathode material manufacturing to the resource recycling and utilization. In the meantime, through the implementation of the competing strategy of "Leading in production and cost”, Huayou will continuously improve the ability construction, to speed up the pace of open development, and empower the endogenous development of Huayou.
Facing the future development, Mr. Chen said with full confidence that Huayou is an enterprise with mission, and responsibility. Over the past decade, we realized our vision of becoming the global leader in cobalt industry. On the journey of the Second Start-up, under the guidance of the competitive strategy of "leading in production and cost", we will continue to adhere to the original intention of our business, consolidate the  strategic guidance, and turn the vision of "becoming the global leader of new energy Li-ion battery materials industry" into reality!



Before the discussion, Secretary Qi Li and his delegation visited Huayou's show room and had an understanding of Huayou's development history, industrial layout, process flow, application fields, etc.
Xu Yongqiang, Director of Tongxiang Municipal Commission Office, and Tu Jianzhong, Secretary of Tongxiang Economic Development Zone (Gaoqiao Subdistrict), accompanied the investigation.


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